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Hi the Newest version of MSN messenger and windows messenger has the log in box where you use the drop down box to pick which msn / hotmail address you want to sign into. There a some usernames for websites that are not email address that got in there which I would like removed. Also I accidently misspelled one of my hotmail addresses now that's stuck in there also. How do I delete unwanted entries? I'm assuming it's in the registry somewhere.
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  1. Go to Control Panel, then, and either in Category view or Classic View, you double-click on User Accounts. Choose the computer user you are in, then on the top left you should have Manage Network Passwords. Click on it, then remove any addresses you do not want. I believe this should do the trick.

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  2. Thank you very much. I also learned an alternative way:

    Go to run and enter "control userpasswords2".
    Go to Advanced tab.
    Select "Manage Passwords".
    Add or Remove what you want.

    You wouldn't happen to know if there is anyway possible to transfer my hotmail address book to another hotmail account do you?
  3. Alas I think not. The only way is to use Hotmail through Outlook Express, allowing you to use offline addresses stored on the computer.

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