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The first time I installed win 7 on my new built computer everything was working fine. I've installed some software for some reason I get a BSOD once, Disk boot failure once, Registry error. I use a windows me booth up disk. I would usually use fdisk to delete the partition and reinstall win7 again. Is there a way for me to create a boot disk for win 7 using my flash drive?
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  1. if you are going to do a reinstall, to do a clean install of win7, (and upgrading is NOT recommended), backup(or make copies) of all your important data, download The Ultimate Boot CD, burn to a disk, Boot from The Ultimate Boot CD, choose hard drive tools, then wipe( one pass zero's, the 3rd one down I think)you have to destroy the ntldr.dll in the MBR, and format will not do this, wipe the drive and then reboot with your Win7 disk in Drive, and install
  2. Dennis2,

    Have you attempted to boot from Safe Mode? Does your computer BSOD on a SM boot?

    Have you also considered using the Windows 7 DVD and performing a Start Up Repair?


    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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