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Simple question,

What is the difference between Razer Deathrader and Razer Mamba?
i heard the only dif is the wireless option on razer mamba? :sol:
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  1. The mamba has dual 4g connectors and better dpi as well as a better all-around build quality.

    I would say the deathadder is the best bang for your buck but if you are an intense gamer and havr the money, get the mamba.
  2. Not sure about the dpi being "better". Not many people can actually play at 6400dpi. Be careful of the marketing hype on these items.
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    honestly it doesnt matter if it is 6400dpi or 10,000,000dpi. once you get to a certain dpi threshold you will not see any real improvment. i usually set my mice up at anywhere between 900-1500dpi, even if they are capable of 5x that number and i do fine. having too high of a dpi setting can pick up the micro twitches in your hand.

    if i remember correctly the mamba is the wireless mouse razer makes. the deathadder is their basic corded model. for around $100 and $50 respectively both are way overpriced for what they are. with that said, the deathadder is functional and the build quality seems good enough to get at least a few years out of the mouse. the only issue i have is that the rubber surface is a dust magnet and can only be cleaned with water or other inert liquid.
  4. honestly i dont mind the dpi, i does tweak the setting on my current mouse because all the time in game on desktop browsing i use almost the lowest or 2/10 of the setting.

    what come up to my mine when questioning this is both of the mouse look almost different? does the size height are the same? how about the weight?
    or if there actually something better out there for me?

    i dont mind about the rubber on the mouse, my current mouse cover 1/2 of the surface with it, just that i hate when someone using my mouse with their wet or whatever it is.
  5. i know i spelled the title wrong
  6. i check at their website and the size and weight is not the same, but almost identical

    so any other mouse suggestion?
  7. you may want to look at the logitech G series of mice.

    in general any led mouse capable of 900-2000dpi which fits your hand should work.

    whatever you do just avoid the R.A.T. mice like the plague.
  8. i actually like how R.A.T. mice look like, but im really depressed by it build quality, is there anything similar?
    i currently own a mouse from logitech g series, 2 years old though, i want a change of pace
  9. anything built with the adjustability of the rat mouse would suffer from similar issues. it is far better to find a mouse in the size you want instead of buying an adjustable mouse.

    as i said before, just about any mouse will work. gaming, business, home office, etcetera. a mouse does not need to be labeled gaming to work.
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