Native resolution is gone all of the sudden

hey guys 1st of all thnx for reading my thread. all of the sudden my monitor wont go to the native res of 1680x1050.
most commonly i see this was happening to people who updated windows which i didnt do i have it set to never download or install updates.
i have windows 7 currently and everything was fine for a year or so until today. i have an ATI 4850 which i updated the drivers after i saw my native res was gone and it didnt change anything.
every night i hook up my pc to my tv thru the extra dvi slot to watch netflix but ive been doing this for months and never had a problem.
not sure what else to try ive been searching the net all morning and cant find a fix plz help me TY
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  1. It might be the monitor failing. However, one thing you can try is to use a different cable connection and see if that helps. For example, if you connect with DVI try VGA.
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