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I'm going to be building a mini-itx rig in the next couple of days and was wondering if any of you guys know of a good way to safety carry a monitor. I'll probably be taking it with me once a week or so. The monitor is 21.5".
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    the best way to carry a monitor is no doubt in an aluminum or plastic transport case with the foam cut in the shape of the monitor. this can get expensive though.

    a cheaper option would be to pack it in a stiff rectangular bag of some sort with cloth, packing material or other such padding stuffed inside.

    the cheapest and bare minimum option would be to wrap the screen with bubble wrap and put the monitor in a box. you need to make sure you secure the monitor though since it doesnt have much protection.

    depending on how long you plan on taking the monitor with you will change your transport plans. remember, unless the monitor is packed well any time you travel you risk some sort of accident. i've carried my $600 monitor before with just a towel around it and the seat buckle around it but i would not recommend it for weekly use.
  2. That might be what I end up doing as I've got some hinges and latches lying around my workshop somewhere. I'll probably just make it out of wood and paint it though. I only found one company making monitor bags and the one for my sized monitor was like $70, which is pretty dear. Well thanks for the reply.
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  4. if you make it out of wood make sure you are at least 2" larger than the monitor is.
    an easy way to line it would be to buy 1/2 to 1" foam, cut it to size and then trace the monitor shape on the foam cutting it out to fit like a glove. this would be the best protection. you would then glue them together with spray adhesive.

    i would still put a plastic bag on the monitor but thats just me.
  5. Just a plastic bag? That sounds fine. It's in a mini-van so I have plenty of space :D
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