Bluray drive stopped working.

Hi there,

My problem is very odd and is a pain in the ass so I wonder if you can help me.
I have an Acer Aspire 6530G, which is equipped with a bluray drive and a graphics card powerfull enough to run blurays. However recently when I put in a Bluray disk, nothing happens. The disk doesnt even spin and when I double click the drive it just says "please insert a disk" and ejects the drive. Other DVD's, CD's etc run absolutely fine and its not even recognising disks which I have played previously.

I have updated the software I use to play Blurays (Acer Arcade Deluxe), and searched for updates for my hardware using the default windows function "right click -> properties -> hardware -> update"

I am using Windows 7 - Professional and my hardware has never been modified etc.

Any help would be fantastic, thanks in advance
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  1. Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem with this drive, not just the ones fitted in Acers. I have an Acer 6530g with exactly the same problem.

    Mine started when I upgraded to Windows 7 RC, but uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and rebooting to let it reinstall seemed to do the trick for a while. Then I bought the full Windows 7 and installed that from scratch, and since then nothing i've done has made it work reliably. The best I've had is about 15 seconds of playback on the one time that a disc has been registered.

    This has made me believe that it's a hardware issue with the drive. I have seen some posts saying the laser lens needs cleaning, but that didn't work for me.

    I've tried various software, Acer Arcade Deluxe, PowerDVD, TMT, all with the same result. The Bluray disc is not even recognised in Windows Explorer.

    Sorry I can't be more help, but if you ever figure out a solution that doesn't involve a new drive, i'd love to hear it.
  2. I too have the same 6530g and the same problem - if anyone hears of a fix I'd love to hear too. @humfreyjeakins
  3. Another acer user here, I have a 8943g, very similar issue, however the drive won't play ANYTHING. The drivers in device manager state the device is up to date and recognised, but the only way to open the drive is to use the manual 'paperclip' in the relevant hole to open it and it doesn't read at all.

    Was working fine, just stopped suddenly. I have cleaned lens, added insulation tape around the mount to stop any contact with laptop frame, deleted registries, un-installed and re-installed burning and viewing software, updated all other drivers and have also done a complete system restore to a previous point to when it did work....

    I have been through alot of forums, but think that the drives tend to just die, I don't want to buy another drive as my machine is only 6 months old, literally days past the 6 month warranty....

    If there is anyone that knows of a fix, I am sure there will be alot of other frustrated acer users that would love to hear it.
    PLEASE, if you do know and could send a link to I would be a friend for life :)

    to Alekann, I installed Cyberlink Power DVD as a player for blu rays and it worked for me (when the drive was working) just look for it on a well known search engine for free :)
  4. I had this problem with an Acer Aspire 6530g some time ago and posted above.

    Recently I inherited a Sony Vaio with the same type of drive, and immediately put Windows 7 on it. The bluray didn't work, so I thought here we go again, another dead drive.

    As a PC support tech, I decided some time later to revert to Vista to have a machine on which I could recreate users' Vista problems. As soon as I did this, the bluray drive started working.

    I can only think that these cheap drives are not fully compatible with Windows 7, although I can find nothing online to back this theory up. I've not been able to go back and try the same on my 6530g as that went to the dump some time away with power circuit failure.

    Has anyone ever had this drive working with Windows 7?
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