Athlon 4 where's 2 and 3???

AMD's new naming <b>Scheme.</b>
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"AMD/ are the weakest link, good bye!"
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  1. Can I ask you a question....Do u just not like AMD or is it more the cipset makers like ALI and Via? AMD themselves make a great product, but ALI and VIA bring it right down.

    All those broblems are not AMD related, but rather the chipsets. I`ve sent them an E-mail (AMD) to enlighten them on this although I beleive they should never have put a product on the shelves that was`nt well researched and tested on all current software platforms and hardware. But then again Intel did the same thing with the 810 chipset.

    So what if they have an Athlon 4 to rival the makes sence to me. Now we as the consumer know the direct competition due to the labeling. I am an Intel user and want to move to AMD, but won`t do so until they get the chipset situation sorted out.

    Intel are going to be the next 3dfx if they continue to rip you and me off with high prices and mediocore scores compaired to AMD products. In the end the better product is going to win....and my bet is on AMD.

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  2. I dont think you should be saying anything about processor naming schemes. Point in case: when was the last time intel introduced an original name? Was it the Celeron? It certainly wasnt Pentium Pro, 2, 3, or 4.

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  3. Well..

    Its the 4th change for the Athlon, they do have Merrit..
    but you must admit, people see a number and the larger they thing the better.

    A lot of people buy pc's and dont know anything, if the sales guy says o ok, i have a pentium 4 here and a athlon 4
    they will want to know more about both u know...

    Its all marketing and stuff.

    Heh AMD is smart if u ask me.
    soon AMD and Intel should have 1 on 1 thing
    ceo to ceo heh

    Both are good companies,
    i don't think the Intel guys will ever admit to that.

    ALl my friends in the past had Intel everything, and now They all , every single one has an Athlon by there choice, but i mean times change, they were able to change and admit AMD makes some good processors. All those years of them bashing me for having AMD and now they have the same..
    how ironic huh?

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  4. lol. Im not trying to pick sides here..but that article is funny. Athlon 4?!? C'mon, AMD pulled a similar stunt when they introduced the K6-III. Instead of calling it the K6-3 which would have fell in line with its predecessor the K6-2, AMD named it the K6-III to capitalize on Intel’s well known Pentium III branding. Now AMD is copying Intel yet again, but this time its more obvious of what their doing. Athlon 4 ? very clever. But also somewhat sad.

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  5. I suggest we all wait and see when it comes out ok?
    I mean we all have heard rumors before...

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  6. AMD INSIDE! dahaha!
  7. It seems rather more appropriate than Intel's naming scheme--the "Pentum 4" should have been called the "Pentium three-and-a-half."


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    init: Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?
  8. Can you blame AMD, It’s called fighting fire with fire.

    Thx & Cya

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  9. It seems rather more appropriate than Intel's naming scheme--the "Pentum 4" should have been called the "Pentium three-and-a-half."

    I think not. Rather Pentium two-and-a-half.

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  10. whats there in the name?
    intel itself changed its naming scheme (before that it changed its numbering scheme to naming one) often.

    the Pentium wasnt officially called as 586 by intel, but names it P5 - for fifth generation processor. they even had the PentiumPro P6 after that (the Celeron P2 and P3 have the P6 core) and a few years later they got back to Pentium-2 !!! what could have followed was a Hexium, Heptium, Octium etc.... :-)

    and now if AMD changes its name to 4, we could sure call it K6-4 since it came after K6-3, so to say. it goes perfectly with the system. and they changed the name K6 to Athlon this time just as intel changed the 586 to Pentium.

    maybe we just have to accept these processors by name, not by the schematics of any hierarchy or legacy or system.

    just like Joe came by, then Gary, then Steve, then Jack.....


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  11. Its funny cause they think AMD users can't add ahahahaha later monkeys. *AMD CEO speaking "you think they will notice if we skip a few numbers? Being they are buying some pretty crappy stuff from us."*


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  12. Well it is possible that AMD are calling it the forth generation, after having Athlons A, B and C.

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  13. I think Barrett and Sanders need to step into the ring and sort this stuff out man a man.. no holds barred Kung Fu fighting!


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  14. well, Athlon is later breed of 7th generation processors, and there are only 26 alphabets.

    both intel and amd must give serious thought to naming their processors.

    the best scheme would be the format v-ff-nn where v = vendor, i for intel, a for amd, ff = two digit number for family (or generation) and nn = revision within the family, or variety of processor like celeron, p3 katmai, p3 coppermine etc.

    that could be fun remembering the names like i0601, i0711, a0707 etc.... :-)


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  15. Well they have to do it.

    Imagine This: Pentium 4 2.0Ghz --- Athlon 2 1.7Ghz

    Every fool who doesnt know anything about cpus would think that the pentium would be faster - thats allmost criminal. Why not call it Athlon 6, that would be more appropriate when comparing performance to the pentium 4.
  16. 2 and 3? Ever hear of Thunderbird "B" and Thunderbird "C" chips? Well, B is respectively 2, and C is 3, so there you go. You can now sleep tonight knowing your problem has been fixed. rest your brain

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  17. AMDmeltDown seems too much concerned about AMD and its products. what a fan I say...

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  18. It's funny because AMD chose 'Athlon' as their name. But if they really wanted attention they should have stuck with Thunderbird. AMD uses the coolest code names. Wasn't K6-III sharktooth? would have been much cooler.
  19. "In the end the better product is going to win...."
    oh bloody hell people, there is no end. yes, yes i get it...amd and intel are both going to make one final chip that will have to suffice untill the industry moves past silicon based chips. after that chip, they're just calling it quits. why do i feel like a hampster...i think i'll go have a conversation with one. the only question is, does he not know, or just not care that he's not getting anywhere in that wheel?

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  20. He's getting 5 miles per night in that wheel, a lot farther then most of us run!

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  21. <A HREF="" target="_new">Aces hardware explains it all, click here</A>

    Dudes the current TBird is an athlon 4 because you have the Athlon 1 (K7) You have the TBird A, Tbird B and now, the Tbird C, the 4th athlon! Check the aces hardware link above to see the whole story.


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  22. actually it's AThlon A, Athlon B, AThlon C, and instead of AThlon D it's Athlon 4.

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  23. Everett please.. if any Intel supporters are open-minded enough to stop bashing Amd for a minute it should be you and Raystone. Let me give you an example a second. Linux. All of the Linus distributions release the same version number almost simultaneously, e.g. Redhat 7, Mandrake 7, ect... The reason they do this is so that the average Joe Consumer would not look at a certain version of say Redhat and buy it because its version number is higher than say a version of Mandrake. To say that Amd is doing this to trick the consumber is just ridiculous.. what about Intel's 'extend the pipeline so we can get a higher mhz rating' idea? All I ask is that you do not be so narrow-minded.
  24. wow
    a concise answer... written in readable english too

    have u noticed all the amd/intel or amdvsintel threads go the smae way
    someone asks something, alot of wild moronic flaming ensues, and in there someone gives an answer?

    gotta be a lesson in that lol

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
  25. well, nobody supporting either AMD or Intel will be open minded. its a holy war for them, bashing and flaming will continue, just as AMD will continue making better processors and Intel will continue fooling people with Hyperpipelined Hyperjokes. Jee, 20 stage pipeline making higher MHz easier is too funny to believe.

    yes, what do we see at the end of the day? both Intel's and AMD's competing processors perform just about at par with each other, so the choice between them is open to ones taste, political inclination, thinking, preferences and prejudice.

    what if one costs $250 more than the other? what if one needs 25% higher MHz than other to catch up? what if one needs to spend through his nose to upgrade his system just six months from now? what if one buys his favorite processor and waits for months to get an app that is little use to him "optimised" for his chip? what if one has to pay ridiculous amounts to use a special memory that he hasnt signed any agreements for?

    honestly, i dont know.


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  26. Quote:
    I suggest we all wait and see when it comes out ok?
    I mean we all have heard rumors before...

    This should be proof enough <A HREF="" target="_new">Athlon 4</A>
    Who says Intel is the only one with marketing <b>gimmicks</b>.

    (A)bort, (R)etry, (G)et a beer?
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