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Hey there Tom's!

So, I have a beast of a rig, that I'm not going to be upgrading for a while. (Likely when DDR 4 dual channel is implemented.)
However, it's a mid-tower rig. That's fine when in my dorm, but I tend to take it home / to LAN parties a lot. My next rig will for sure be mATX or ITX.

That being said, I can, with some trouble, haul my desktop around. My monitor, on the other hand, is a different issue. I have a 24" BenQ 120HZ monitor that I love to death. I doubt I could go back to 60 all the time. That being said, this thing is a pain to transport, even with the handle.

So what's the most portable monitor out there? I was looking at some 15" ones, but they were way overpriced. At that point it would be cheaper to buy a tablet and use it as a monitor when needed. I'd like it to be reasonably priced, small, but still have a decent resolution. (1080p on like, an 18" screen would be amazing.)

Does such a thing exist?
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    Buy a cosmos 2 and put the monitor inside it

    lol jk but seriously to achieve 1080p on 18inch monitors is a really expensive process due to pixel density, so they are going to be really expensive, you're better off just getting a 22+ inch 1080p monitor and finding a way to carry it, if I was you i'd by a half inch layer of soft foam about the size of my monitor and a big strong bag to put my case inside and the monitor, using the foam inbetween the 2 and carrying it all

    Monitors only weight like 3kg, not that much heavier, right?
  2. Yeah, I'm no worried so much about the weight as I am about the size and ease of dismantlement - most of the small monitors are PITAs to disassemble for transport.

    I guess what I'm asking is what's the nicest small monitor, regardless of resolution?
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