Post specs for every system you ever owned

First Home PC:"custom built and i had no clue what to do, it was fun"
IDT Winchip 200
Aopen AX5TC(430tx)
32mb PC66 SDRAM
2.1gb PIO4
1mb s3 trio PCI

Second Home PC "Need alittle bit more power and got some too!"
K6-2 300
Aopen AX5TC (430tx)
64mb PC66 SDRAM
6.4gb ATA33
4mb sis PCI

First Work PC "Well needed some to wordprocessor, programming, etc."
K6-2 400
Aopen AX59 Pro(MPV3)
128mb PC133 sdram
13gb ATA33
32mb sav4 PCI
sb 128

Third Home PC " My first Intel Box :*) "
Cel 533
Abit BP6 (440bx)
256 mb PC133 sdram
20gb ata66
32mb sav4 PCI
sb 512


current home PC "Love this machine to death, very stable":
P3 733
Chaintech CT-6OJA3(i815ep)
386mb PC133 SDRAM
40gb ata100
ATi Radeon 32mb ddr 4x AGP
Cmedia 8738

current work: "Get to show this off to my co-workers stuck with a P2 400's"
Athlon 850
Asus A7A266(ALi magik1)
256mb PC1600 DDR-SDRAM
30gb ata100
32mb Sav4 PCI
sb 512

The only nice Intel guy.
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  1. 1st PC ever owned (Compaq Presario 975CDS):

    Pentium 75MHz
    40MB RAM (SIMM's, but Don't know what type)
    2 4.3GB Hard Drives
    Cirrus Logic 1MB Video

    2nd PC (Gateway Select 475):

    AMD K6-2 475MHz, MSI ALi Aladdin5 Motherboard
    128MB PC100 SDRAM
    13GB ATA/66 Hard Drive
    On-Board ATI Rage Pro 8MB Video

    3rd. PC (Just built 2 weeks ago):

    ECS KM133 Motherboard w/ External AGP Port, and ATA/100 Controller
    Duron 800
    128MB PC133 CAS2 Crucial SDRAM
    30GB ATA/100 7200 RPM HD (It won't recignoize the ATA/100 cable, on every boot up it says 80-c cable not found, Any suggestions?)
    On-Board ProSavage Graphics (Will upgrade to a GeForce2 MX in the near future)
  2. 1st:



    286 12MHz
    I had about 5 or 6 60MB hard drives


    486 with the standard 486 crap

    Intel Pentium 233
    32MB SDRAM (PC100)
    4GB Samsung Hard drive
    24x CD-ROM
    Sound Blaster 16
    Trident 2MB SVGA (1 more than ;you hahaha)
    17" monitor


    Intel Pentium 333
    128MB SDRAM (PC100)
    20GB Samsung Hard drive
    40x CD-ROM
    Sound Blaster 16
    TNT2 Ultra
    17" monitor


    Athlon 750 Slot A
    128MB PC133
    20GB Maxtor Hard drive
    TNT2 Ultra


    K6II 450
    32mb SDRAM
    6GB Hard drive
    some crap 4MB video
    24x cdrom

    8th (current):

    AMD Thunderbird 1.05GHz
    ASUS A7V133
    384MB PC133 SDRAM
    50x CD-ROM
    40GB Maxtor HD
    GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR
    X-Gamer soundcard
    19" monitor

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  3. 1st -------------
    AMD 386 40 - no idea on mobo make
    4 Meg of ram
    100 Meg HD
    512K Boca Video Card
    Sound Blaster
    1.44/1.2 floppy

    2nd ------------------
    Pentium 100, Evergreen mobo
    16 Meg of ram
    1 gig HD + old 100 Meg HD
    2 Meg ATI video card
    4X CD Rom
    Sound Blaster
    1.44/1.2 floppy

    Current -------------------------
    Pentium 133, out of a Gateway PC
    128 Meg of ram
    2 gig HD, 1 gig HD, old 100 Meg HD
    4 Meg Matrox Millinum II video card
    1.44 floppy
    Ess 16 Sound card

    * 4X CD ROM destroyed….

    Same generic case and PS for all 3. My system has run pretty much 24*7 for the last 7+ years so I’m real happy with life of my PS, but I'll be damned if I can keep a HD, other than my trusty 100 megger, or Modem longer than a year...

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  4. Ok, in order of obselence...

    40MB HD
    4MB RAM
    5.25" floppy
    3.5" floppy
    vid card = ?

    120MB HD
    8MB RAM
    5.25" Floppy
    3.5" Floppy

    Pentium 120
    16MB RAM
    1.2GB HD
    5.25" Floppy
    3.5" Floppy
    2MB Vid Card
    (later upgraded with CDROM and Sound Card :)

    Pentium II 266
    64MB PC66 RAM
    4.3GB HD
    Intel i740 Vid Card
    SoundBlaster AWE64 OEM
    3.5" floppy
    (later upgraded with 12x CDROM and 128MB mem,
    added 10GB HD, swapped 16MB TNT and later G400 and 9.1GB

    AMD Athlon 1000Mhz (What a jump eh?)
    256MB PC133 (doubling that tomorrow)
    G400 Vid Card (carry over from old computer)
    4416 CDRSW SCSI
    All HDs still there..

    Hmm.. still building the last one though,

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  5. Here it goes:

    First Home PC
    Headstart III
    Intel 286 8/12 Turbo
    1mb RAM
    40 MB HD
    5.25 drive
    3.5 drive
    VGA card

    Second Home PC, traded in and upgraded 286 for:
    AMD 386 SX 25 w/ math co-processor (added later)
    4 MB RAM
    240 MB HD
    Sound Blaster Pro Basic
    1x caddy CD-ROM
    256k SVGA card
    Same disk drives as 286

    Third Home PC
    AMD 486 DX-40 (I later gave this system to my cousin)
    8 MB RAM
    420MB HD
    4x CD-ROM
    Sound Blaster 16
    Paradise 1mb SVGA
    Same disk drives as 286

    My PC after graduating high school, class of 1996
    Intel Pentium 133
    16 MB RAM
    1.2 GB HD
    6x CD-ROM
    1mb Trident SVGA
    3.5" 1.44 MB

    My second personal PC
    Intel Pentium 200MMX
    24x CD-ROM
    32mb RAM
    3.2 GB HD
    4mb Trident SVGA
    Voodoo II 12mb PCI
    AWE 64 Value

    Third personal PC (later sold to buy Les Paul guitar)
    Celeron 433
    Abit BH6 BX Mobo
    160 MB RAM
    8.4 GB HD
    Hercules TNT2 Ultra 32MB AGP w/tv out
    32x CD-ROM
    Hauppague Win TV tuner w/fm tuner
    External 56k modem

    Current System:
    AMD Duron 600
    MSI KT133 6340M mobo
    192MB PC-133 RAM
    30 GB HD
    GeForce 2MX 32MB SDR
    Yamaha 6x4x16 SCSI CD-RW
    Adaptec 2906 SCSI
    12X DVD
    Linksys 10BaseT Ethernet
    786k/128k Verizon ADSL
  6. 1.
    TRS80 Color
    No permanent storage, but I got a tape recorder to work intermittently.

    2 x 3.25 floppies, no HD
    This was in undergrad. Had to swap floppies like hell to run the CAD program we used (CADKey). It was a huge step up over the previous class that had a single 5.25 floppy.

    486 33MHz (later upgraded to 66 MHz)
    8MB RAM
    120 MB HD (begged for a smaller one cuz I was a dirt poor grad student and couldn't imagine needing that much space after surviving on 3.5" floppies. Got a 400 MB 2 yrs later :-)
    POS Trident video card that caused no end of trouble.
    DOS & Win3.1

    200 MHz PPro
    32 MB (original, now 128)
    2 MB video (original, now upgraded to 8)
    3 GB HD
    12x CD
    NT 3.51, NT 4.0, Win95, Win98, various flavors & versions of Linux (currently runs a RedHat 6.2 base)

    Cyrix P133+ (later got a real chip, 233 MHz Pentium)
    32 MB ram
    Video: Trident POS from the 486
    HD: 120 MB & 400 MB from 486 + 6 GB much later
    Iwill MB
    Win95, Win98
    This was the first PC I've built. Used all the leftovers ater the 486 gave up the ghost. The powersupply died recently & took the MB with it.

    1.2 GHz TBird-C
    Iwill KK266 MB
    384 MB ram
    2 x 20 GB HD on a 3ware RAID card
    GeForceMX video
    50x CD
    8/4/32 burner
    Linux Mandrake 8.0 for the moment

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  7. 1.
    386 25mhz
    32mb DRAM !!!
    100mb HD
    1x cd-rom
    1mb Trident
    Sound blaster PRO

    Pentium 75mhz
    64mb EDO !!!
    1.2gb hd
    8x cd-rom
    2mb S3
    Sound blaster 16

    K6 233
    64mb PC66 SDRAM
    6.4gb HD !!!
    16x cd-rom
    4mb S3 Trio
    sound blaster 16

    Dual p3 700/256kb
    Supermicro P6DGE (440gx)
    256mb PC133 cl2 SDRAM (4 x 64mb)
    (2)20gb ATA33
    32x cd-rom
    ATi radeon VE "Got it today"
    Sound blaster 512

    I only steal the princess cause she is hot ;*)
  8. 1st
    AMD 486
    8 mb ram
    500 mb hd
    2x cd rom drive

    AMD 486
    16 mb ram
    1 gig hd
    4x cd-rom

    pentium 75mhz
    16 mb ram
    2 gig hd
    8x cd rom
    14400 modem

    AMD k6-2 300mhz
    32mb ram
    5 gig hd
    24x cd rom

    celeron 433
    96 megs ram
    voodoo 3 3000
    8 gig hd
    32x cd rom
    4x burner

    celeron 433
    96 megs ram
    10 gig
    TNT 16mb
    8x burner
    250 zip

    celeron 500
    128 megs ram
    45 gig hd
    16x cd burner

    celeron 500
    256 megs ram
    13 gig hd
    geforce 2mx
    8x burner
  9. 1st: 133mhz upgraded with evergreen 133 upgrade
    64mb ram
    1.5gb hd
    8x cdrom

    2. I dont remember the mobo
    4mb s3 vid. card
    12mb voodoo2
    SB awe64

    3. K6-III 400
    ASUS p5a
    ati expert 98
    voodoo2 this is when i bought my 2nd one i used it in SLI

    4. Current
    Athlon Classic 500mhz
    Fic sd-11
    15 gb 7200rpm
    kenwood 72x true-x
    3com 905b nic
    4x4x24 burner
    3dfx voodoo3 1000
    17" monitor

    BAN Tbirdinside, and AMDmeltdown
  10. Damn, I own 23 of them right now! I have owned somewhere around a thousand! Of those, I have used at least 50!

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  11. Timex sinclair 1000a from magazine ad "build your own computer" It came in 3 pieces, 2 clam-shell top/bottom and a membrane keyboard/motherboard. SNAP! and your computer was built =P

    Moved up to a TI 99/4A most useless piece of crap

    Atari 400 and 800, doing killer player/miscle graphics

    Tandy COCO 16k ram, was a little over 500 bucks new! learned basic overnight and was off and writing state of the art hack software. this line of code is originally writtten by me and is still used today.
    10 for x = 1 to 1000000: print char$(peek(x));:next x
    This program will dump your memory in ascii to the monitor. this was great for adventure games snagging passwords in the old days.

    Comodore 64 and lots games! never did get a amiga

    after comodore I got my first IBM 5150 @ 4.77Mhz and a 10 meg hard drive, 640k RAM

    had many many IBM compatables
  12. fugger your making less sense then spudmuffin.

    I only steal the princess cause she is hot ;*)
  13. to an experienced user it made perfect sense :wink:

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  14. ???

    The only nice Intel guy.
  15. 1. Macintosh 512K ... my college computer. I still love it.
    No internal hard drive, just a floppy.

    2. CompuAdd 286/12.5 MHz ... what a screamer
    2 MB of RAM (the second 1 MB stick cost $100)
    20 MB hard drive doubled with Stacker

    3. Tandy 486SX/33 (got two castoffs from friends and ended up with a 486DX/66)
    upgraded to 850 MB hard drive for only $250

    4. Compaq Pentium 166 MMX ... no level 2 cache (sloooooow)
    3.2 GB hard drive
    24 MB of memory

    5. Pentium II 300
    6.4 GB hard drive

    6. Athlon 600 classic (my first self-built system)
    Epox mb with KX-133 chipset
    30 GB Maxtor hard drive
    WinFast GeForce 256 32MB DDR

    7. current system ...
    Athlon 1200/266
    Asus A7M266 mb
    256 MB PC2100 RAM
    2 x 40 GB W. Digital hard drives in RAID 0
    TDK 16/10/40 CD-Writer
    Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro
    Philips Acoustic Edge sound card
    Lian-Li PC60 case
  16. LOL
    you are soooo young!

    1st comp
    BBC Micro model B
    32K ram (16k system, 16k usable)
    plugged into tv
    had a very advanced sound for the time!
    1 180k floppy disk drive

    2nd comp
    Real IBM PS2 xt 4.77Mhz
    1 720k 2.5 floppy
    640k ram
    20 meg hdd
    14" monitor
    MCGA graphics (thats 320x200x256 color!) or 640x480x16

    3rd comp
    generic 386-25 sx
    4 meg ram
    81 meg hdd
    1.44 mb 2.5 floppy
    1.2 mb 3.25 floppy
    256k graphics card... capable of 640x480x256

    4th comp
    intel pentium 166
    32meg edo ram
    4 meg diamond stealth 46 graphics
    2 gig seagate drive
    8 speed cd
    17" monitor

    5th comp
    partial upgrade of no.4
    lx mobo
    2 gig drive
    16.8 gig ibm later on
    ati 4mb pci rage pro
    32 speed cd
    17" monitor

    6th comp
    more upgrades of 5 (is my current computer)
    p2-300 on lx mobo
    256mb ram (196mb of it is PC133 standard)
    40 gig ibm GXP60
    16.8 gig ibm
    gigabyte tnt ultra
    sb live sound

    and in a few weeks im gonna go up to a Athlon something...
    maybe even a 1200C if the prices in oz keep getting lower,
    and transfering as much stuff as i can from the old system
    eg. drives, soundcard, mem, graphics etc

    see? i dont replace compueters, they EVOLVE for me *grin*

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
  17. cmon man,

    TI 99/4A could play chords! and white noise too! Very useful! (hehehehe)

    Actually, mine broke early on and I never did get much use out of it.

    My very first was called an Aquarius. Had a dead-flesh keyboard and a mini-expander, and even a couple games with controllers. I wrote my first program in BASIC on it.

    After that it was the TI-99 4A, then a TRS 80 COCO, then umm a 286 (with a 287!!!), and just downhill from there :)


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  18. I had a TI-99/4A, my parents bought it when I was like 4 years old, and would only get me education (reading/math) software for it. They would never get Space Invaders! :(
    Those were the days when arcades were very popular as well,
    I used to play Donkey Kong and Zaxxon quite a bit.

    Although they did get an Intellivision, which was cool, and later the Sears Telegames (Sears label stamped on Atari 2600). I still have a D&D game for the Intellivision, to count the number of arrows you have in your inventory, you pressed a button that produced a clicking noise, and you had to count the clicks to ascertain your inventory.

    Primitive, but it was fun as hell.
  19. Tandy 1000
    640K RAM
    No hard drive
    2 floppy drives

    Acer 486 DX2/66mhz
    8 megs of RAM

    Packard Bell Pentium 133mhz
    64 megs of RAM
    3dfx Voodoo (first one) made by cardex

    Self Built AMD K6/233
    64 megs of RAM
    nVidia RIVA 128
    Voodoo 2 (12 megs of RAM)

    Self Built K6-2/400
    nVidia TNT2
    128 megs of RAM

    Self Built AMD Athlon (classic) 700mhz
    256 megs of RAM
    GeForce 2 MX

    The 2 current working systems:

    Self Built AMD Athlon (thunderbird) 800mhz OC'd to 1Ghz
    GeForce 2 Pro
    256 megs of DDR SDRAM

    Self Built AMD Duron 800mhz OC'd to 1Ghz
    GeForce 2 MX
    256 megs of SDRAM (PC150)

    Working on:
    Dual Athlon 1Ghz

    -MP JEsse

    "Signatures Still Suck"
  20. Tonestar"
    1. Atari 800xl
    2. Atari 1040st
    3. Pentium 166, 32MB ram, Awe 32, Matrox millenium
    4. Dual PII 450 Mhz, tnt2, 256Mb ram, scsi cheetah h/d
    5. Dual PIII 733Mhz, vx1, 512MB ram, scsi cheetah h/d

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  21. #1: TRS-80 Model 1 (from Radio Shack)

    16K memory, cassette tape

    #2: Commodore 64

    64K memory, 2 1541 disk drives, lots of software

    #3: Commodore 128

    128K memory, 1590? disk drive, daisy wheel printer

    #4: IBM clone 8086 8 Mhz
    512K memory, 2 floppy drives

    #5: IBM clone (ACER) 80386SX 33 Mhz
    1M memory, 40MB hard drive

    #6: IBM clone (AMD 386-40DX)
    8M memory, 400 MB hard drive

    #7: IBM Pentium 120
    32M memory, 1G hard drive

    #8: Cyrix P166+
    32M memory, 2G hard drive

    #9: IBM 166MMX

    #10: IBM Pentium 233MMX

    #11: AMD K6-2 300 Mhz
    64MB memory, 4G hard drive

    #12: AMD K6-2 350 Mhz

    #13: AMD K6-2 450 Mhz

    #14: AMD K6-III 400 Mhz

    #15: AMD K6-2 500 Mhz
    256M, 40G hard drive

    #16: Intel Pentium 3 933 Mhz
  22. Not sure whats the point of this thread, but anyway:

    1) Tandy TRS-80
    64 Kb RAM
    tape recorder

    1,5) Tandy TRS-80 model 4
    128 Kb RAM
    2x floppy

    2) 286 12 Mhz
    512 Kb RAM
    10 Mb harddisk
    EGA videocard

    3) 486-33
    8 Mb Ram
    120 Mb harddisk
    Paradise windows accelerator

    3) AMD 486 DX-66
    16 MB ram
    450 Mb harddisk
    CD Rom (2x ?)

    4) AMD 5x86-133 (486 compatible)
    16 Mb
    450 Mb harddisk
    Tseng Lab ET4000 video (wooow)

    5) Pentium 133
    dont remember the other specs.. was a bit of a disapointment, my 5x86 was nearly as fast

    6) Pentium II 266 wow ! this was a fast machine
    64 Mb RAM
    850 Mb Harddisk
    nvidia riva 128 video card (upgraded to TNT later on)

    7) Pentium III- 500 (Dell, got it from my work)
    256 Mb RAM
    20 Gb harddisk
    19" montitor
    TNT1, then TNT2 Ultra, then geforce MX

    9) Celeron 500 laptop (work)
    128 Mb ram
    ATI Rage crap video
    6 Gb harddisk

    9) AMD Duron 600@933
    256 Mb RAM
    Geforce MX
    2x 20 Gb harddisk RAID

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  23. Hmmm, this really does put us in generation categories:
    Mac Plus 8 Mhz
    1 MB Ram upgraded to 4 Mb a couple years later for ($120)
    400 kb disk drive
    Ext 20 MB SCSI HD (cost $600 or $3000 for the whole system)
    B/W 8" Screen
    1200 Baud ext Modem (I was the cool kid on the block)
    Quadra 610 25 Mhz
    250 MB Harddrive
    Can't remember the memory (I think it was 8 MB)
    500 Kb video ram (16 Bit on my 14" trinitron, way cool back then)
    28.8 Modem ext
    Dell P2 400 (still using)
    19" monitor
    128 MB pc-100
    Voodoo3 3000 16 MB
    27.3 GB HD
    8x HP Burner
    56K modem
    10/100 NIC

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  24. 1st PC
    XT computer used by my dad and big bro. Too young too understand the specs so didn't bother trying.
    2nd PC
    286 computer. Don't remember specs.
    3rd PC
    386 computer. Again don't remember specs.
    4th PC
    Pentium 133 (upgraded to 200 MMX)
    8 MB RAM (upgraded to 32 MB)
    S3 Trio64 vid card (upgraded to S3 3D Virge)
    1.2 GB HDD (plus another 2.4 GB HDD 2 years ago)
    4X Creative CD-ROM (upgraded to Wearnes 24X then Philips40X)
    Creative Vibra16 soundcard
    5th PC
    T-bird 850
    A7V rev 1.02 bios 1007
    128 MB PC133
    30 GB Maxtor HDD ata100
    Creative 32MB GeForce2MX
    SBLive Value

    I still own the 4th and 5th PCs the rest were traded-in.

    :smile: Cheese anyone? :smile:
  25. 1st:
    - the hell if i know what was in that thing, all i know is that all the good games pluged into the back of the keyboard.

    - 386, i swear the thing ran on diesel and coal. managed to run borland c/c++ 3.0 though. took five minutes to compile a text based

    3rd (current)
    - athlon classic 550
    - sd11
    - 192mb pc 133
    - 8.4 gb wd 7200
    - 3d prophet gforce 1 sdr
    - sb 512
    - crap modem and nic

    4th (also current)
    - duron 850
    - 128 mb pc 133
    - crap sound/modem/vid

    At the core of every system: "I'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that."
  26. 1.) Commodore 64.

    Where I learned to hate BASIC that came misprinted in computer magazines. Some of those games never would run, no matter how carefully I typed!

    2.) 468DX-2
    8MB RAM
    (2) hard drives, one 250MB, the other 350MB
    50MHz clock speed ... with Win3.1.1 and AOL.
    14.4 modem I eventually upgraded to 28.8.
    Huge full tower.
    2X CD-ROM.

    I didn't know diddly-squat about computers, and it showed. I learned how to fall asleep in a computer chair with one eye open in front of this machine. The monitor was 14", and curved as a fishbowl. Thirty minutes of staring at that thing and your brain tried to implode.

    3.) Pentium 200MHz (Slot 1)
    (2) Western Digital 2GB hard drives
    16MB of EDO-RAM
    16bit SoundBlaster
    8x CD-ROM
    Mid-Tower w/200-Watt power supply
    15" generic monitor
    U.S. Robotics 33.3K modem
    Labtec speakers (Man, the worst!)
    Some kind of low-end 8MB video card

    In the beginning of 1987, this was a pretty hot machine!

    4.) Pentium II 266MHz w/440BX chipset
    64MB SDRAM (66MHz)
    (2) 8GB hard drives (Maxtor)
    AWE32 SoundBlaster
    16MB SDRAM ATI All-In-Wonder
    16X CD-ROM
    ATX mid-tower w/200-watt power supply
    17" KDS monitor
    U.S. Robotics 56K Modem
    Yamaha speakers
    Win 95-B (OS-2)

    This system is still running, and has been since April of 1998 ... my mother uses it everyday. The hard drive has never been formatted, and the OS seems fine. I've since replaced the video card, added more RAM, upgraded the mouse and keyboard. I don't think you can kill it ... we call it Fred, because her boyfriend's computer is Ethel. What can I say ... they are gaga over each other! LOL!

    5.) Gateway Pentium II 350MHz w/440BX chipset
    128MB PC100 SDRAM
    (2) ATA-33 hard drives, one 8GB, and one 16.4GB - IBM
    32MB SDRAM ATI Rage Fury
    AWE64 SoundBlaster
    8X Toshiba DVD
    External 7100 HP CD-RW
    World's worst mid-tower case (I really hated it.)
    250-watt power supply
    Logitech mouse
    Logitech keyboard
    U.S. Robotics 56K modem
    17" Gateway monitor (A little better than the KDS)
    Boston Acoustic speakers with a small sub-woofer
    Canon Printer
    HP scanner
    Win98 SE

    This system is still running, too ... I sold it recently to a newbie customer of mine, and he is pretty happy with it, although there are some components he wants to upgrade, because he likes newer games. It was formatted only recently, and ran for almost two years without a problem of any kind. I only formatted the drives because it wasn't mine anymore. It wouldn't win any benchmarking tests, even when new, but it is solid as a rock. The friggin' HP still works, too ... I yanked it out of the drive case, installed it internally, and although it is slow ... it's functional. My only complaint with the system was finding decent ATI drivers.

    6.) AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz w/VIA KT133 chipset
    MicroStar K7T Pro mainboard
    256MB PC133 Virtual Channel SDRAM
    nVidia GeForce2 GTS 64MB DDR (Reference Design)
    Adaptec 29106B SCSI controller
    18.3GB IBM SCSI hard drive
    Plexwriter 12/4/32 SCSI CD-RW
    Pioneer-115 DVD (IDE)
    Sigma Designs MPEG-2 decoder card
    SoundBlaster Live! X Gamer
    Iiyama Vision Master Pro 22" Flat Screen CRT
    Klipsch 400-watt 4.1 THX speakers w/160-watt subwoofer
    NIC card for 500K cable modem
    Canon Printer
    HP scanner
    Microsoft keyboard
    Optical Intellimouse (Explorer Pro)
    Addtronics full tower
    300-watt Antec power supply
    Win98 SE

    This system is dead, dead, dead. Not even Victor Frankenstein could bring this machine back to life. If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll remember that I did everything humanly possible to keep it running, including replacing the video card, the power supply (twice!), and the memory. When the hard drive died, I gave up. This was absolutely the most unstable piece of crap I have ever owned. Does it really matter why? Who cares? It's dead. I've salvaged the new components I bought .. they'll go into a spare machine fairly soon, but you can be sure that it won't have anything to do with MSI, Antec, or VIA. I still like AMD processors, but what good does that do when they are coupled with badly designed mainboards and lousy, buggy chipsets? Call me when AMD gets their act together and finally starts making their own chipsets AND motherboards. Then I'll take a second look.

    7.) Current system:

    Intel Pentium IV, 1.7GHz w/850 chipset
    Intel D850GB mainboard
    512MB PC800 RDRAM
    (2) 75GB, 7200RPM ATA-100 hard drives (IBM)
    Visiontek GeForce3 64MB DDR
    Plexwriter 16/10/40 CD-RW (IDE)
    Pioneer-116 DVD
    Sigma Designs MPEG-2 Decoder card
    SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Platinum
    Same monitor - Iiyama Vision Master Pro 510
    Same speakers - Klipsch 400-watt 4.1's.
    Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer
    Microtek Scanmaker 4 (SCSI)
    Logitech cordless keyboard and cordless Mouseman Plus
    Alcatel Speedtouch USB DSL modem (1.5mbps)
    U.S. Robotics 56K Voice/Data/Fax external modem (backup)
    Dragon full-tower
    Enermax 550-watt power supply
    Windows 2000 Professional (SP-1)

    This system is the real deal. Plain and simple. I'll be glad to post some benchmarks next week, if anyone is interested. The system appears to be stable ... no blue screens, no memory problems, and is the fastest machine I've ever seen, much less used. How about a 20 second boot time, for starters? You want frame rates? It's wonderful. It looks cool, too, black with gold fan grills.

    Of course, I have to reserve judgement ... the system is still very new, and it might take a while to discover the bugs and work around them. But right now, I can say that the games look great ... the DVD is the best, ever (check out the burst rates for the Pioneer-116) ... the Plextor burns at full speed with no buffer-underuns, and I have no words for how impressed I am by the GeForce3. And I haven't even overclocked it yet!

    The mainboard is kinda sparse, could have a better layout, and doesn't offer much in the way of overclocking options, but I'm not complaining. Yes ... I know that the Northwood socket is coming, and I've gotten myself into a no-win upgrading position. But by the time I feel like upgrading, I'll want to replace the motherboard and memory, anyway ... too many good things are on the horizon that might get rid of all the old bandwidth issues that have bottlenecked our systems for years ... and that will require a major upgrade, I'm sure.

    This entire system was paid for by the warranty company to replace the AMD computer, anyway ... so who am I to complain? I LIKE upgrading!

    See ya ...


    <font color=purple>If there was a reason for everything, having faith would be redundant.</font color=purple>
  27. First PC (apart from the BBC model B)
    386 sx25
    16mb ram
    100 MB HDD

    1GB HDD

    AMD K6II 266
    Matrox mill 4mb
    3.6 gb HDD

    PII 350
    256MB Mil 16Mb
    2 x Voodo 2 12mb
    PCI128 sound
    8.4 GB HDD

    Athlon 750 Classic
    256 MB PC100
    13.5 GB HDD
    PCI128 Sound
    32mb tnt2
    FPS1000 spkrs

    Athlon TBird 800
    512mb PC133 ECC reg
    20gb IBM HDD
    32mb geforce
    4x HP cdrw
    FPS1000 spkrs

    Athlon Tbird 1.0ghz
    1.0 gb PC133 ECC Reg Ram
    30gb IBM Telesto HDD
    32mb Geforce
    SB Live
    12x10x32 CDRW
    FPS1000 spkrs

    1.2ghz athlon c
    512mb ECC reg DDR ram
    64mb Radeon DDR
    SB Live
    12x10x32 CDRW
    12x DVD
    46gb Telesto HDD
    FPS1000 spkrs

    Thats it for now

    if at first you don't succeed , destroy all evidence that you ever tried...
  28. Osborne II Portable

    Commodore 64

    Commodore 128

    Another Commodore 128 (with 1571 drive, woohoo!)

    Zenith 286/10, 20mb hd, 8mb ram

    Dell 386/20, 250mb hd, 32mb ram

    486/33, 2gig, 64mb

    Celeron 300, 4.5gig, 64mb, Voodoo2

    Pentium II-400, 64mb, 8.5gig, Geforce 256

    Athlon 700, 128mb, 10.5gig, Geforce 256

    Tbird 1ghz, 512mb, 20 gig, Geforce 2 GTS

    Currently own:
    Athlon 700, 50gig, 256mb, GeForce2 MX

    Tbird 1ghz, 80gig, 786mb, GeForce 2 GTS

    Building Tbird 1.33, 512mb, GeForce 2 GTS

    -- *Ding Ding* Knowledge for the clueless!!! --
  29. Heres what I can remember...

    IBM PS/2
    80886 XT

    286 4MHz
    640K Ram
    80MB Seagate HDD
    Hercules Monochroem Graphics Adapter (ORange and Black Monitor..OH YA BABY!!!!)
    3½ Floppy & 5¼ Floppy

    AMD 386 sx-25MHz
    4MB RAM
    80MB HDD
    Hercules Monochrome Video Adapter
    3½ Floppy & 5¼ Floppy

    i486 Dx2 66MHz @ 80MHz
    16MB Ram
    540MB Maxtor HDD
    1MB Trident VESA Video Card
    2X Cd-Rom (plugged into Sound Card)
    (Later upgraded to a 24X Panasonic CD-Rom)
    SB 16 ISA with IDE Cd-Rom controller
    3½ Floppy & 5¼ Floppy
    28.8 Kbps ISA Modem

    Intel Pentium 166MMX @ 233MHz
    16MB EDO Ram
    540MB HDD & 2.5GB HDD
    ATI 3D Xpression+ 2MB PCI
    28.8 Modem
    24X Cd-Rom
    3½ Floppy
    SB 16 ISA

    AMD K6 233MMX @ 266MHz
    Turbo Guide 430TX Motherboard
    32MB Pc-66 SDRAM (168-pinn) & 16MB EDO Ram (72-pin) 48MB Ram Total
    24X CD-Rom
    3.2GB Maxtor HDD & 540MB HDD
    SB 16 ISA
    ATI 3D Charger 4MB PCI
    3½ Floppy

    Celeron 400MMX @ 500MHz
    Houston Tech. Micro ATX 440BX MB
    64MB PC-100 SDRAM
    ATI All-In-Wonder PRO 8MB AGP Video
    3DFX VooDoo PCI Accelerator (useless)
    6.4GB 7200rpm HDD & 3.2GB HDD
    40X Infra Creative CD-Rom & 24X Panasonic CD-Rom
    Monster Sound MX300 Sound Card
    56K PCI Modem
    Lots of case fans
    3½ Floppy

    Above System died (CPU Core Literally Exploded somehow and I had no choice but to stick in a P2 266MHz CPU I had lying around from an old system I took it out of, but at least i clocked that to 350MHz. Later on the Power Supply went dead and took the Motherboard with it, and for some reason it blew both my cd-roms also...)

    THAN I got...

    AMD K6-2 400MHz CPU
    Some MB i cant remember
    32MB SDRAM PC-100 (my 64MB from the celeron wouldnt work in here)
    6.4GB and 3.2GB HDD
    3½ Floppy
    ESS 1686 ISA Sound Card (I lent someone my Monster sound card after my PC broke as ti wasnt servign me a purpose)
    ATI All-In-Wonder PRO 8MB AGP
    no cd-rom

    *Power supply went haywire again so this time it did some crazy stuff to the MB, I could only use 1 PCI card in there*

    After I considered that dead....I had nothign for about 8 months....Than came along a 166MMX Laptop that I had to fix up...I put 48MB SDRAM in it, a 5GB HDD, 56K PCMCIA Modem, it has a NeoMagic 1MB Video Chip and a Yamaha Sound Chip, 8X CD-Rom...wasnt to bad for what it was....I still use it.. and its networked to my current PC which I got last week...

    Intel Celeron 300A Slot 1 clocked to 450MHz
    Unknown i440BX Motherboard
    64MB PC-100 SDRAM (from old celeron, which worx fine here but not in the K6-2 I was using)
    6.4, 4.3 & 3.4GB HDD's
    50X Asus CD-Rom
    Maxi Gamer Phoenix 16MB 3DFx VooDoo Banshee PCI Video Card
    FAST AV MAster PCI Card (For Video Editing)
    Monster SOund MX300 Sound Card (Got it back, YAY!)
    10/100TX Base NIC
    56K Modem
    3½ Floppy
    1 Intake fan at bottom of case and one exhaust fan at back of case
    Cooler Master SECC Slot 1 CPU Cooler on CPU.

    Burn MF, BURN!!!
  30. Sorry to hear about your Amd machine Toejam. I got a dual MSI board running the Via 694x chipset and I love it!! Best thing you ever did was dumping your Amd.

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  31. Thoroughbred 2.1Ghz
    300Mhz FSB
    512Mb 150(300)Mhz DDR SDRAM
    Radeon 2 (with Dual head)
    120Gb 15,000rpm Hardrive
    2 * 18.1" TFT LCD monitors

    Okay, so I don't own it yet cause it's not available, but I've got 9 months to save then yeehah!

    <font color=blue> The Revolution starts here... as soon as I finish my coffee </font color=blue> :eek:
  32. 1) Pentium I that ran Windoze 3.1 (I can't remember what it's specs were because my dad lent it to me)

    2) Packard Bell
    PII MMX 333 (That was running at 233 after some benchmarks at PCPitStop)
    6.4GB Fujitsu HD
    64MB EDO RAM
    ESS Audiodrive

    3) My Current Homebrew
    Asus A7V133
    Athlon T-Bird 850 200FSB
    256MB SDRAM CL=2 (Micron)
    IBM 30GB 7200RPM UltraATA100
    HP-CD Writer 9150i 8x4x32
    ATI Radeon 32MB SDRAM
    Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! Value
    3Com NIC
    Teac Floppy Disk Drive

    <i>OC...unless your computer's cheezy (is that a good rhyme?)</i> :eek:
  33. 1. intel i486dx 66
    unknown MB
    no sound
    unknown vid
    1gig fujitsu HDD

    2a. cyrix 6x86MX pr200(166)
    MTI tech MB
    47mb ram
    SB AWE23
    1gig fujitsu HDD
    12x CD-ROM

    2b. pentium i133MMX
    IWill MB
    64MB ram
    no sound
    16x CD-ROM
    500MB seagate HDD

    3. dual pentium 133
    96MB ram
    turtle beach audio
    matrox millenium II
    SCSI seagate barracuda 2gig
    1gig fujitsu HDD

    4. AMD Duron850 o/c'ed(143*7.0)
    Asus A7V133 MB
    Sony 16x12x32 CD-RW
    Generic DVD-ROM 4x
    Castlewood ORB drive
    SB Live Platinum w/livedrive
    2x 40gig 7200rpm Maxtor HDDs
    Geforce2Ultra video
    Antec 1030soho case

    if you didn't guess already the fujitsu HDD has been in almost all of my machines. everything before the dual 133 setup has since been either scraped or turned into artwork of some form.

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  34. 1)
    8088 (8MHz in turbo mode)
    30Mb HD
    640kB RAM
    5 1/4" Double density floppy
    External 3 1/2" Double density floppy (720kb)
    EGA video adapter
    Monoc. display
    Soundblaster 1.x (don't remember the x) but it was a mono soundcard
    Dos 3.2

    80486 33MHz
    200Mb HD
    8 Mb RAM
    Tseng ET4000 graphics adapter with 32000 colors :)
    dos 5.0 or 6.0 (dont remember)
    Pentium 75 MHz later upgradet to a 200MHz
    1 Gb Quantum fireball HD
    voodoo rush graphics chipset
    32Mb RAM
    win 95

    300MHz celeron @450/500 (500 if i turn on the watercooling :) )
    20Gb HD
    voodoo2 12Mb
    win 98

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by SkrueMcDuck on 05/14/01 07:13 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  35. Imagine this thread in a few years...

    <i>Yea I remember my first system. What a POS!
    It only had <b>one CPU</b>, less then 2 GHz I think.

    And only 512 MB of RAM. Can you believe it, we measured RAM in Megabytes!

    And only 80 GB of storage, and it was on those old "hard drive" systems. Spinning magnetic media ... mechanical for cripes sake! Damn things failed all the time.</i>

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  36. I think by the time we use technology like flash memory for mass storage we will have quantum computers.
  37. <b>1st Computer</b>

    Atari 800, 16 KB RAM, TV (no monitor), 410 Audio Cassette (no disk drives), about a half dozen cartridge games. Used to do telecomputing at college.


    up to 32 KB memory by solder my own chips, up to 48 KB by adding another module, two floppy drives via ATR-8000 interface adapter. Never got around to adding the hard drive.

    <b>2nd Computer</b>

    Zeos 286, 10 mhz (overclocked to 12 mhz at the factory), 512 KB DRAM, 47 MB HD, Hercules Monochrome Graphics (Clone)


    2 MB DRAM, Paradise 8-bit VGA graphics, 2400 baud modem (I think).

    AMD AM386 DX/DXL-25 CPU, Cyrix FasMath coprocessor and mobo (brand unknown), 25 mhz, 8 MB DRAM, Western Digitial 16-bit SVGA graphics w/ 2D acceleration, 200 MB hard drive.

    16 MB DRAM, 3.5" and 5.25" dual floppy drive

    AMD 486DX-33 and mobo

    AMD 486DX4-100 and mobo, Toshiba 16 MB SIMM (cost for all $1000).

    ATI Graphics Expression video card (Local Bus), 400 MB HD

    Cyrix Pentium clone (I forget the designator), 166 mhz, 32 MB DRAM (16 MB SIMM added to previous this one only cost $71 vs $500), mobo with SiS chipset (I think), ATI 3D Xpression (3D accelerator, PCI).

    AMD K6, 200 mhz, mobo with Intel HX chipset (San Li, I think), 32 MB DIMM, ATI All-in-Wonder (PCI).

    1.6 GB HD (failed in 6 months, no warranty)

    Creative Labs Monster3D, Voodoo (1), 4 MB

    Canopus Pure3D LX, Voodoo (1), 6 MB

    3.5 GB HD

    2nd 3.5 GB HD

    HP 8100i CD-RW

    AMD K6-2, 350 mhz (overclocked to 400 mhz), FIC 503+ mobo (unstable until I learned the 64 MB DIMM didn't work with the 32 MB DIMM. Separately each was stable).

    VisionTek Geforce256 SDR (not overclocked)

    <b>3rd Computer</b>

    AMD Duron, 600 mhz (originally overclocked to 1007 mhz, now at 900 mhz for the summer, apparently), Abit KT7 mobo, 128 MB SDRAM, Maxtor DiamondMax 40VL HD, 40 GB, Cheap case with 300 watt power supply (after 13 years, I had to retire my old case).


    Enermax EG351P-VE, 330 watt, power supply (for insurance).

    486 fan and RAM heatsinks for the Geforce256 SDR which is now highly overclocked at 135/185 for normal stuff and 150/210 for games (up from 120/166 stock).

    <b>Next Upgraded</b>

    Probably a video card, something like a Geforce 3 MX, if and when it is available. There may be a Kyro II or a Radeon LE as before the Geforce 3.

    A new sound card since I can't get Wavetable synthesis to work on the old Turtle Beach TBS-2000 with Windows 98SE. (FM synthesis is driving me crazy which isn't to far from the norm)!

    I don't feel I need a system upgrade but I do need a second system so I will probably upgrade on the cheap. Most likely an AMD Thunderbird 1.0 Ghz with an ABIT KT7E mobo.
  38. 1st
    IBM PC300GL
    Pentium III 450MHz
    384MB SDRAM
    13GB System HDD
    120GB Storage HDD
    8MB Graphics

    Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
    MSI MB
    320GB System HDD
    120GB Storage HDD
    500GB Storage HDD
    64MB Graphics

    Phenom x4 3.2GHz
    1TB System HDD
    320GB Storage HDD
    500GB Storage HDD
    1TB Storage HDD
    512MB Graphics

    4th 2012
    IBM Leovo T61 Laptop
    Core 2 Duo 2.7GHz
    120 GB HDD

    FX A6
    Yet to fiish

    I win!!
    How come this thread died 13 years ago?
  39. I'm not too old, therefore I've not owned many systems; however my father had a high-end systems in the '90s. But for me, I've only owned two computers; my current setup was custom made and is in the case of my elder system, using my old PSU.

    2005-2012 (upgraded to the below specs in 2009)
    ASRock P4i45GV R5.0 Motherboard, Socket 478.
    Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz (OC 3.4GHz) with Hyper Threading @ 533MHz FSB (SL6PG)
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 128MB (AGP 8x)
    Windows 7 Ultimate (x86)

    November 2012 - present
    Asus P8H61-M LE Rev. 3 Socket 1155
    Intel Pentium Dual-Core G840 2.8GHz
    4GB Kingston RAM
    Windows 7 Professional (x64).

    Those are the only two systems I have ever owned. I will probably upgrade my current system in the future (as there is room for a lot of improvement), but at the moment it's more than good enough for my use. ;D
  40. 1st
    Can't remember, my uncle built or bought (not sure which) it a very long time ago (2000-2001?).
    After that stopped working in 2009 I got.
    Dell optilex 745
    Intel core 2 duo 1.86GHz
    1GB DDR2 RAM
    250GB HDD
    Intel GMA 3000
    Windows XP
    Still using this, I can't wait till I build my new PC.
  41. My first pc was a Pentium I -100MHz, 16MB of ram and HDD with around 2,3GB of HD space + a TVM 14inch monitor which i got somewhere around 96 I think. More and more games required a 3d graphics card (was really painfull playing carmageddon 2) So in 99 I got my second PC, a Celeron 433MHz(few months later replaced with 500MHz), Voodoo 3 2000, 64MB ram and 8,4GB HD with it came a Hansol 17inch monitor. In 03-04 I made an exchange with my cousin, gave him the Nokia 3650(the one with the numbers in circle) + Xbox with 2 controllers for an Athlon XP 2.1GHz, 256MB of ram, GeForce 4 440Ti, 80Gb HDD + a 19inch LG which started to show dark colors after a year of usage. Got my fourth PC for my 18th bday in 05. An Athlon 64 - 3GHz, Gigabyte ga-k8nf-9 mobo, 1GB of ram(In 07 added 2x512MB for 2GB of ram), GeForce 6600 GT, 250GB HD and a Samsung Syncmaster monitor. Had this PC for the last 9 years until it finally went to PC heaven 4 months ago. My current PC is a Xeon E3-1231 v3, Asus h81-k, ballistix 8GB, Asus 270X-DC2T-2GD5, Crucial 256GB HDD with a 23inch LG IPS monitor.
  42. Athlon X2 4050e
    HIS AMD Radeon HD 3450
    4GB of DDR2 800MHz RAM
    250GB HDD
    Foxconn A6VMX-K

    Athlon 64 X2 6400+
    Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 4850 CrossFire
    6GB of DDR2 800MHz RAM
    250GB HDD
    Gigabyte GA770M-UD3

    Phenom II X6 1090T
    EVGA GeForce GTX 470
    8GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM
    320GB HDD
    ECS A880GM-A4

    A10 6790K
    Gigabayte Radeon HD 7850 OC
    8GB of DDR3 1600MHz
    120GB SSD + 1TB HDD
    Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H

    GeForce GTX 780 Poseidon
    16GB of DDR3 1600MHz
    120GB SSD X2 RAID 0 + 2TB HDD
    Asus Maximus VII Extreme

    Sadly my favorite and most powerful computer had to go...
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