Acer Aspire 5738Z Audio Issue.

Recently started getting severe echo and high pitch whistle when playing Audio on my laptop.Problem really bad with Skype.Using built in Realtek Audio Mic. and Speakers.Skype trouibleshooting suggests the cause is " Positive Loop Feedback" but gives to suggestions on fies.Anyone have any ideas ?
Thanking you
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  1. Within Audio settings there is such a thing as microphone Gain. make sure that is not checked (it is disabled). FInally, you can decrease the level of the microphone(sensitivity), that should decrease the feedback .
    Positive Feedback Loop happens when the microphone is picking up sound from the speakers and sends it back to the system to be amplified. Same sound waves "loop" like that through the system, being amplified a bit every time. The result is what you described.
    As a funny fact: if you build a system that has a pretty good distance between the speakers and the microphone (using a loudspeaker or something powerful), and make a brief sound in the mic (like a brief laughter), you could have the system laugh itself with a little tweaking.
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