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I am planning to build a gaming PC that will also function as a home theater PC in the early part of next year. Currently I use an HP 2311x monitor with an HDMI connection and a 60 Hz refresh rate. I want to go with an LED display between 36 and 40 inches in size, that has a 120 Hz refresh rate. However, my research revealed that the only way to achieve 120 Hz is to either use a Dual-link DVI or Displayport connection. None of the LED TVs that I looked at on Amazon, Newegg, and TigerDirect had those connections and the 40 inch computer monitors are over $1,000. Seeing as I may only be able to use an HDMI cable, would I notice a visual difference in a PC game such as Star Wars The Old Republic or Mass Effect 1,2, and 3 on a 120Hz display compared to a 60 Hz display or should I stick with a 60 Hz display?
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  1. 120Hz on a non-3D monitor is mostly hype. What they actually do is take the 60Hz signal from your DVD player or PC and create extra frames in between the real frames to help hide motion blur.
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