Which Laptop to buy? With Optimus or ATI switchable?

I'm going to be buying a new laptop within the next couple weeks, and I've narrowed it down to a few, but I'm having trouble picking the right one.

First off before anyone tells me to wait for sandy bridge to be re released (I'd like to), I'm going on a 60 hour road trip in early march, so I'm not waiting.

Ok here's my choices

Asus K42JV-XN1

Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-6847

HP ENVY 14-1110NR

I'm just trying to find a laptop that can actually play some games decently, but with pretty good battery life and these seemed to work.

The only thing is with the little info I've found on switchable graphics. I keep hearing Optimus is a lot better. I just don't want to have a bunch of issues with ATI.

Sorry, for kinda rambling, but basically...

1. I can't find any info on the Asus. Mainly I just want to know if it has good battery life.

2. Which of the 3 laptops do you think is best?

3. Which is better Optimus or ATI Switchable graphics?

Thanks in advance for any info
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  1. Sandy Bridge laptops are being sold. I'd inquire as to warranty issues with regard to the SB defect. As it only affects two of the six SATA ports on the chipset, my guess is that they are not using the two bad ones.


    Toshiba, for instance, is expected to unleash three Sandy Bridge notebooks on February 23—one with a 13.3" display, another with a 14" panel, and a larger 15" offering. Actual availability will reportedly follow in mid-March. DigiTimes adds that Acer and Asus should start shiping Sandy Bridge laptops in mid-March, as well.

    The P170HM and P150HM (Clevo is OEM) are sandy bridge based. A web search should fine many sellers of which you could inquire as to the SB defect.


    battery Life and performance are opposites, the more you get of one, the less you automatically get of the other your Optimus question, I haven't paid much attention as my needs are demanding and slanted towards nVidia (CAD), but I do remember reading a few Optimus reviews and the reviewers seems impressed.



    Thanks to Nvidia’s smart Optimus technology, the $849 UL50VF-A1 offers both long battery life and graphics muscle. Best of all, this notebook is smart enough switch between integrated and discrete graphics mode based on what you’re doing. We wish ASUS wrapped this technology in a less glossy chassis, but overall the UL50VF-A1 is a strong 15.6-inch notebook.
  2. I know I'm not gonna get extraordinary battery life with any dedicated gpu, that's why I was going for switchable gpus. I just meant I wanted better than like 2 hours which i read on numerous reviews on other laptops that I looked at. People mentioned anywhere from 4-6 on the acer and HP while surfing the web, which is plenty fine. It'll be plugged in for gaming.

    I prefer Nvidia, that's why I wanted the Asus, but I've had issues in the past with them. Plus like I said, I don't know about the battery life.

    And I'd prefer HP since I've owned quite a few, and the backlit keyboard would be nice, but I'm not sure about the ATI graphics. So you can see my dilemma between the two.

    I'm honestly half tempted to buy a laptop at Best buy right before I leave then, just exchange it within 45 days and get a sandy bridge when the i5's come out
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