Hmmm.... Is intel giving more info out then AMD...

Well i went to the Intel and AMD website "Both sucked". Well i found an A$$ load of stuff on intel processor about 20 pdf files for the Itanium alone. Then AMD site didnt give me alot on the Athlon design compared to the p4. Also if is a crap load of Intel Open-source coding, what's up with AMD i found very little. Well intel is the hardest site to navigate "amdmeltdown and Fugger are daily's" well here is a link to some stuff: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  1. dude, is my default start page, on all my browsers: konq, ie, netscape, opra.

    also it's not at all that hard to navigate, just make it your start page and you'd be alright.

    hopes this helps.

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  2. lol
  3. start page?

    u are really obsessed

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  4. AMD suck when it comes to giving out info...

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  5. What kind of a sad bastard puts a processor manufacturer as his homepage.

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  6. well, now we have an answer.
    just curious, why the hell would someone use 4 browsers? if one is better then why not just use it?

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  7. Mainly because no browser is really best for everything.

    IE == definitive Windows standard, but doesn't exist on *NIX
    Netscape 4.x == absolute crap, lousy fonts, crashes a lot, but handles more in *NIX than any other browser.
    Netscape 6 == worthless. I don't install it.
    Mozilla == best for *NIX, but horrible startup time. Bit of a memory hog. Also can't load the few sites that are hard-coded to reject "Netscape 6" browser IDs.
    Konqueror == Nice, lightweight browser, loads very fast, but gets confused on a few pages. Also no really good Java engine available (it doesn't come with one by default). *NIX only, I believe.
    Opera == haven't tried it in a while; don't like paying or adware.


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