HELP ME! please...

I just got a cusl2 black pearl in and installed it. Since i do not have my p3 1 ghz shipped to my house yet I threw in a celeron 500 or of a another working comp i have in the house to make sure everything was ok. I turn it an and get power, but no post, no beeps. Just a black screen. I have a geforce 2 mx, and the mobo was in jumper free mode. I was thinkign it could just be the celeron, that'd everything be ok with the p3.

cusl2 black pearl
384 MB crucial PC-133 CAS2 (256 mb module in dimm 1 128 in 2)
Geforce MX video
300 watt power supply

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  1. Try disconecting all IDE devices....


    if at first you don't succeed , destroy all evidence that you ever tried...
  2. Is it a PPGA Celeron or a FCPGA Celeron?
    Correct me if I'm wrong on this one, but the Black Pearl Edition is a CUSL2-C, and I remember reading that these don't have support for PPGA Celerons.
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