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can anyone help, the sound on my presario r3000 only works when i squeeze the laptop at the bottom corner near the volume control buttons, i guess it might be a loose contact, but any advice how i could solve this problem would be appreciated.


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  1. Take it to your local computer repair shop. Opening a laptop is for someone who knows what they are doing.
  2. Hi mate,
    thanks for the reply, I do know quite a lot about PC's and Laptops and i've read somewhere how to do a temp fix which i've already tried to no avail, I just wondered if someone else had this problem and had worked out how to fix it, it cant be much as it doesnt take much pressure pushing in the corner to get it to work but as soon as you stop pressing down the sound stops as well, very frustrating.
  3. Problem sorted, I found this solution and its working now, a bit fiddly to get the washers in but worth it...

    The sound board is connected to the mainboard by a connector and contra-connector, both soldered to their boards.. If you want to do it right, you will have to remove several screws from that bottom corner and left side, under the battery too, so that you can lift up the mainboard's corner (gently!) a bit, and put in back in place firmly. It is located just above the top left side of the battery compartment, when looking at the bottom with the front toward you. A more durable option is to take the bugger apart, and put washers max. 1mm thick under the soundboard to get a better snap-in on those connectors.

    Thanks anyway

  4. Glad you got it fixed. Sorry I was not more help but you seem to not have needed it!
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