PLEASE HELP very urgent

Hey guys....Im doing a reformat of my pc and this is the first time Ive gotten this problem.....

I formatted the hard disk in the windows selection screen. Ive tried 4 times now and I still cant get it to install....It just keeps giving me this Error code: 0x80070057.
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  1. what os are you trying to install and if possible try going through your bios and see if your hard drive is still working
  2. Help us out here.....please list full system specs including Windows 7 version.
  3. to do a clean install of win7, (and upgrading is NOT recommended), backup(or make copies) of all your important data, download The Ultimate Boot CD, burn to a disk, Boot from The Ultimate Boot CD, choose hard drive tools, then wipe( one pass zero's, the 3rd one down I think)you have to destroy the ntldr.dll in the MBR, and format will not do this, wipe the drive and then reboot with your Win7 disk in Drive, and install
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