HP4110 OfficeJet not recognised by Windows 7...

Have recently got a laptop with Windows 7 and had great difficulty in getting HP to advise me on getting my HP4110 OfficeJet attached and recognised. Eventually did, but now I'm suddenly getting the message 'USB device not recognized' by my laptop. Have tried a few fixes - turning everything off and re-starting/re-booting ...pulling the power plug on the printer and re-seating it, but nothing works. Any ideas anyone please?
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  1. Are any other devices working through those ports?

    It could potentially be the computer turning off the ports to conserve power being used.

    Not sure if you know how to check each of the USB Root Hubs to see if that is the case. Its real simple to do:
    1. Go back to where you can see all the USB Root Hubs in Device Manager
    2. Right click each one separately, choose Properties.
    3. When window loads, click on Power Management tab.
    4. Make sure that check box labeled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked.

    See if that helps.
  2. Weird! Not you hedwar, but the results of doing that! Did what you suggested and it started printing...for half a page! Then stopped again and it's back to the 'USB not recognized (Error code 43)' message. Have seen suggestions that I need to uninstall/reinstall the drivers, but, as you'll know, they're already in the database (supposedly) in Windows 7 and I can't find any references to them to do anything with anyway.
    Thanks for your help so far.
  3. FYI:- In trying to troubleshoot via 'Device Controllers > Hardware and Devices', I get the 'Error Code 43' coupled with the info that the problem is in the USB controllers - Port_#0002.Hub_#0003. As a dummy, am not sure whether than means anything too exciting or not...!
  4. Thanx for telling me I had 'answers' - but they were from me. In the absence of answers from anyone else on this problem, I just bought a new printer!
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