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I just bought an LG IPS235V-BN - IPS Monitor and I currently have it set up next to a Samsung PX2370 - TN monitor. I know it really is based on preference but is there any sort of suggestion as to make the best out of this situation in terms of making the TN panel look as close as possible to the IPS panel. I dont really want to spend $200 on a color accuracy device. I will primarilly use the IPS panel to place the game on the TN panel will have whatever else I will be using. Thank You in advance for any answers or insight to this question.
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  1. My suggestion, set the IPS panel settings to exactly how you want them. Then, pick a nice detailed, and colorful picture, something your familiar with, and open it full-screen on both monitors. Then use the IPS as a reference as you set the TN panels settings.
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