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I have a problem , i have headset with microphone, speakers work but microphone doesnt, realtek doesnt detect microphone, dunno whats the problem, searched everywhere on the web and still no answer:/ all drivers are updated and microphone worked earlier. pic also http://www.upload.ee/image/2995267/Untitled.png
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  1. If your using windows 7, then right click on the speaker Icon. Click on recording devices in the list. The sound window will open.
    If your microphone is listed or seen there grayed out, right click on it and select enable. it should set it`s self up as a default device.
  2. already enabled and set it as default but still no sign of working
  3. Enabled +# dB mic gain and test it again?
  4. yup , nothing. they also cant be broekn , only 1 month old , trust eleno premium
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