Black Screen after 5 seconds


My grandfather gave me one Asus VK193D monitor that some friend gave him, since my grandfather don't have any use for that he was going to take it to the trash bin.

But I recovery it to try and see if its working.

I tested in my PC with the cables of my own monitor (Benq FP92Wa) and the image pop-up just fine, but after 5 seconds the monitor goes black.

I tried to reboot in safe mode but the same thing happens.

It seems he is not quite broken and I want to recovery it.

Sorry for my bad english, and thank you for your time.
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  1. The most common problem with monitors is bad electrolytic capacitors in the power supply board. If you or someone you know can solder it is a fairly easy repair after you figure out how to open up the case ;)
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