Need a solid higher end laptop with a case like Macbook Pro...

I've seriously been doing some searches. I had a Macbook Pro 13 inch. Used it for Final Cut. No longer edit and sold it for almost what I paid a year ago. Got tired of the Apple run around with drives, software I own, ect. I use Lynic and PC for graphics work. Both play well, Mac was the odd man out that didn't easily work with either. Since I like easy, I'm going PC with it.

Always custom build my PC systems, can't see to find viable solutions to do this with a laptop, so need to buy off the shelf.
I really really loved the case of my Macbook Pro. I dented and smashed it and it ran fine. Its the only thing I loved about it.

I found some Laptops with similar cases, but can't get the parts I want. Find the parts, plastic cheap cases. Looked into building a custom with Sager, but heard some bad things on overall quality. Like keys, track pad, cases. So kinda worried about that.

Any suggestions? Need minimum of 2 gig i7 , 6 gigs of ram, debating if I really need a Nividia QuadroM or if a GTX M card would work fine.
Anyway, want something nice , with a case like what Apple's doing, 15 inch or less screen, under 2500...
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  1. +1^
    Envy series look pretty identical to MBP's in terms of design.
  2. If you are looking for a 15 inch mac book cases then try mymacbookcase, but I don't know nothing about graphic cards.
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