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Can never find what im looking for to post some of my posts in, but hey to all.
I would like to know what is the general standing with macro keys in games?, i know they are against some games "TOC" but how many people actually use them? is there a problem with these?

I just bought a gaming keyboard and mouse both with macro keys, "not the specific reasons i bought them" and i am looking at using the macros keys in games such as star wars the old republic, i attempted to contact support to find out where they stand with this, but i was left with a completely retarded message from them, seems no free to play people get any support what so ever, so i can get no reply, i cant even get onto their forums any more.

Im not talking about looping macros, those are way to much. What im looking to do is setup 1-4 key macros, such as "hit G1 to activate ability 1 then 2 then 3" As said, whats the general standing on this?. Regards dreadbeard.
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  1. The general standard I can only assume is that the type of macros you describe are fine. They are simplistic key functions assigned to in-game actions, I see no problem with this.

    I have never used extra buttons on a keyboard. The closest thing I have come to is re-assigning my thumb buttons on my mouse.
  2. Thanks skaz, lovely quick reply there mate. With a total of "54 or close to" macro keys at the second ive got more then enough :P 12 on the mouse and 12 on the keyboard multiplyed by 3 different modes for different macro setups.

    I hope they are fine, im not looking to do stupid things that take the edge off the game, as i said just hitting 1 key to activate 3 others when the CD for each skill finishes is what i have planned. Just want community advice as support are more then useless for some games.
  3. No problem brother. That is quite a lot of macro keys =). Check out a program called "autohotkey". You could probably set yourself up some nice functions for when your in your O.S. environment too =).

    Simplifying repetitive tedious actions in my book is actually a smart thing to do. Especially if you can and know how to. Good luck.
  4. Thanks mate, thats what im hoping. Fingers get tierd smashing the same buttons repeatedly.
  5. I remember the feeling. Back in my days of playing vanguard (don't laugh) I remember setting off combos that got super repetitious.
  6. No laughing mate, everyone plays different games ^^.

    I play lots of MMOs WoW Diablo 3 SWTOR and more, all the button mashing is annoying and gets painfull. Im getting the logitech G19 and razer naga molten mouse to go with it for christmas, want to put them to good use.
  7. Cool beans, well have fun gaming! Don't forget to get some sunlight once and awhile. Vitamin D is good for the soul. =)
  8. Lol thanks buddy will do :) apriciate the help.
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