Win 98-SE: MS-Dos program looping+scrambled autoex

Ok, this is what happened:

-I try to play poker on windows
-It tells me it's a DOS aplication, so it closes all windows and launches the game in DOS
-When I exit the game, it reboots the computer AND LAUNCHES THE GAME AGAIN!!
-I edit Autoexec.bat and erase any refernces to the game there.
-When I reboot the PC, I get error message saying "Invalid command or filename" and things like that, and it rebbots again.
-I also had removed, but already restored some lines of the sort:

<here were the lines with reference to the game which I deleted>
REM As seguintes linhas foram criadas pelo Windows. Não as modifique.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sounds like it's called in or System.ini, have you checked there?

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