What OS is better for gaming (stalker series)

Hi there peoples really want to know if there is any difference for gaming on windows 7 i have xp and win7 and would like to know if any one has done test's i did notice that under win7 my graphics including system shared memory had in all gone to 1000 MB when my gpu is a zotac 9400gt (low end) 512MB but didnt really notice anything so went back to win xp thanks for anyone that really does no the difference if any at all thanks in advanced
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  1. http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/windows_7_gaming/page5.asp

    "For gamers, especially those currently using Windows XP, there’s a strong reason to upgrade to Windows 7. You may sacrifice a little performance in some games, but you’ll gain some in others, and you’ll have the ability to run DirectX 10 and 11 apps in their full glory, which will never be possible in Windows XP. We’re also confident that both ATI and Nvidia will continuously work to improve gaming performance in the future, as both companies have for every other new OS Microsoft has released."

    My vote, 7.
  2. Me too
  3. +1
  4. - Performance is equal
    - 7 looks better
    - 7 has more features
    - 7 supports DirectX11 (not an issue with such an old system)

    I'd say Windows 7 because it's more pleasant than XP, but for performance it's not going to matter. If you upgrade your system any time soon, you should absolutely go to 7.
  5. thanks to all of you that replied and now have given me the info i needed thanks alot peoples much appreicated and yea i did sort of think so as i spent time after time from various sites claiming to have dx10 and 11 via xp but turned out to be fake and full of nastys thanks again peoples :)
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