Vcore settings?? help!

I have a Tbird 1.2ghz 266 FSB... currently in my Asus A7V133
Mobo I have the System set to;

9.0 Mulitplier
133 FSB
133 SDRAM speed..

are these the correct settings for a 1.2 Ghz AMD?
also what should the vcore be set to? it looks like 1.8 currently should it be that high? I am not trying to overclock.. I thought it was supposed to be 1.72v or something.. ugh... btw the Vcore is set to auto in the bios.. is it reading it wrong?

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  1. your machine is running well within AMD specs for that processor unless your having temp issues. i have the 3 of the same mobo's (A7V133 and when i had the VCore set to auto it was always off by a little. so i wouldn't worry to much. and about the clock speed yes those settings are correct, 133*9=1197, they always round it up to the nearest whole number.

    what are your temps running at, not the ones from ASUS probe but the ones in the BIOS?

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  2. The temps are way too high 59C or so.. I heard that the
    senor is usually off by 10C so it's probably 49c. I have two fans, one intate one exhaust. my room temp is uaully about 28C (about 75F) or so. th mobo temp is usually 33c or so.

    Any Ideas?

    BTW the heat numbers are identical in the BIOS and Asus probe..<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by pault on 05/13/01 04:56 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. what kind of heatsink/fan are you using. are you sure it is properly installed. if your hs/f came with the thermal compound already on it, if it did did you take the small sticker off, if not what kind of thermal compound are you using. also you mobo temps seem a little high, where are your intake and exhaust fans located on the case?

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  4. I am not sure how to get this heatsink off, the system
    came w/ the mobo cpu/heatsink installed. I have tried to get it to come off so I could check but it seems to be on there pretty tight, there seems to just be a metal handle stinking off the side of it, pulling at it doesn't seem to do any good, it won't budge and I don't want to use too much force on it.. any ideas?? it looks like a silver block with a fan on the side instead of the top of it. (the handle is right below the fan.) so I am really not sure What to do to check.

    My fans, a 60mm fan on the exhaust.. just below where the cpu is (air coming out doesn't seem to be too warm)

    intake is in the front of the case just below the floppy drive it is a pretty big fan I think a 90mm or 120mm..

    Does it sound possible that the sticker is still on the bottom of the heatsink?

  5. possible but with your mobo temp also being a little high my guess would be that the case temp is a little to high. try opening your case, if that doesn't work try putting a box fan next to it. if that cools your system down to normal then i would say either get a new case or try and put some more fans in it. one other thing i would try is ask the place where you bought it at what the normal running temps for that setup is, if they could take off the HS/F and make sure it is properly istalled. the reason i say to have them make sure is one time when i had the place i bought mine from they would extend the warrenty on it if they put it together. so i let them put it together for me after i had the mobo go out and when i got home my temps were running way to high 56C at idle when mine should only be 45. so i pulled the HS/F and they hadn't put any more thermal compound on it to replace what had been removed with the HS/F. so i am a little wary of having store technicians install my processor or HS/F

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  6. Update:

    I took the other side of the case off..
    and now it's at 51c CPU and 26c Mobo.

    This case blows obviously... ideas?

    OK I just went out and got a box fan.

    It has decreased the temps to:

    55c CPU
    27c Mobo

    So if the statement of "Asus cpu senor is high by 10c" is true.. it should be really 45c and within a decent range for a 1.2Ghz AMD .. I think.. not too sure ..

    It used to be 59c CPU and 33c Mobo.

    Is it ok to keep this box fan blowing on my system or will it cause some kind of Interference or damage?

    I think I need to replace my Heatsink etc... also


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  7. In regards to the correct temperature readings:

    I've purchased a Compunurse thermistor so I can assure myself the correct temps. After setting it up by placing the probe as close to the CPU core as possible, I started my computer up. After running for awhile, I restarted into the BIOS. To make a long story short, my temps in the BIOS for the CPU were 5°C too high. Using Motherboard Monitor 5.05, the reading was off by 7°C (Asus Probe gets the same readings, but MBM5 is more comprehensive in which you can change the offset). I'm also using the A7V133.

    Anyways, you could go by my guidelines, but everybody is different.

    Hope that helps! :cool:

    <i>OC...unless your computer's cheezy (is that a good rhyme?)</i> :eek:
  8. a little update,

    I bought a new full tower case and also a cooler master hsf... my normal temp is now reported as 45c whcih sounds pretty good knowing the asus offset. sp it is probably 38c or so in real temp.

    My particular problem was DEFINATLY the cramped case w/ bad airflow and weak HSF.

    So I spent about $140 got a great case and hsf, and ALOT cooler cpu.

    Just an FYI.

  9. It's actually 133.333.....x9, which =1200 exactly.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  10. you sure about that because when my machine posts it says "AMD Duron 1000" when in reality it is running at 1001(143*7.0) in wcpuid. the same happenned when i had it at 866. it posted as 866 but in wcpuid again it read as 864.5(133*6.5). now i have it running at 980(140*7.0) at post and and in wcpuid (well sometimes it will read as 979.99but after resfreshing it, it goes back up to 980)

    same thing with my work computer, Dell Optiplex GX110 P3 733, but in wcpuid it runs at 730.

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by munkey on 05/19/01 04:56 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  11. "it posted as 866 but in wcpuid again it read as 864.5(133*6.5)."

    It posts as '866' but in reality is 866 2/3 (866.66666 etc). Your bus is actually 133 1/3 (133.33333 etc).


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  12. Not all motherboards are created equally. I have an HP on my bench that has a 100.9MHz bus intead of 100. Bus speeds such as 100 are not actual, they are the ideal. 133 is supposed to be 133+1/3, but it can vary depending on what clock crystal was used. Manufacturers try to get it as close as possible. The reason 133 is supposed to be 133+1/3 is that it is based on adding 1/3 of 100 to 100. And AGP is supposed to be 2/3 of 100. None of these are ever completely accurate because of the parts being used.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  13. ohh, ok well thanks now i know something new.. :)

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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