Prevent paper from pulling from other trays?

Hey everyone, here's my issue. I am on a network and using an HP LaserJet P4515n, and I am wanting to prevent the printer from pulling from Tray 3 when Tray 2 runs out of paper. By default, it obviously starts to pull from the next tray with paper once the current tray runs out.

Is there a way to prevent/stop/lock this? I have specific paper in Tray 3 that can't be used for regular printing and don't want it being printed on by everyone once Tray 2 runs out.

Hope this all makes sense. Thanks in advance to anyone that knows how to do this if it's possible!
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  1. I assume you already looked in the manual and found nothing? If so, then you should purchase another printer to use your special paper and lock others out of it.
  2. I found nothing in the manual, which is why I'm asking here. Thanks though.
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