Power - but no video?

Hey all,

I appreciate any help you can give me with this problem. I just built a new system from all new parts online:

AMD T-Bird 1.33 ghz
Asus A7M266 Board
Micron PC2100 DDR (256)
Elsa GeForce2 Ultra DDR 64
IBM Desktar HDD
300 Watt PS

Everything is put together, I get power on the mobo and the video card, all fans, the CD Rom powers up, but the HDD doesnt spin up and the monitor gets no signal at all. I also get no POST beep codes (yes the speaker is plugged in!) The machine acts the exact same way if I take out the processor and turn it on. I was unaware that the ATX form factor allowed you to power-on w/o a processor.

And I guess it's worth mentioning that I chipped a (very small) piece off of the core of the processor when I installed the heatsink, and I'm fairly sure that's the problem. Man I feel like an idiot. :-) I just want to make sure that the above symptoms point to a bad/no processor.

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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  1. With no beep codes and a chipped core, it is almost a sure thing that your processor is bad. sorry man.
  2. R U sure there is no beep code for missing CPU? Also, Why doesn't the harddrive spin up? It has nothing to do with the CPU? R U sure the PSU is functioning properly and supplying enough or any voltage to the Motherboard and Hard-Drive?

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  3. Was also going to ask if your getting any HD spin at all. Even if it was a bad CPU you would still get a HD power up. Without any beeps at all I would suspect the PSU first.
  4. Just make sure the video card and memory are both seated properly. May want to re-seat them to make sure.

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  5. try and remove all non-essential items from the computer. ie, cd-rom, floppy and any other drives or cards that you have.

    if your hdd still doesn't start to spin, remove the IDE cable from the back and leave it with just the power connector, then power on your system. the HDD will start to sppin if it is functioning properly, if not sure that it is spinning touch the tp of it while the machine is powered on(NOT THE PCB)and it should be vibrating a little.

    with everything removed try and pull the CPU and memory you should get a beep code then. if not its your mobo. if so try putting just the CPU back in and leave the memory out. if it beeps good. if not.... replace mobo.

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  6. This is a funny one.

    At lunch, I went and bought a Duron 750 for $40 and give it a shot - still didn't work. I took the only PCI card (3com 10/100) out (of the 4th slot, I believe) and the Duron worked. I put the T-Bird back in and it was in fact bad. It did POST this time but it didn't get past video BIOS.

    I've never worked with an AMD before, so I thought it would be ok to start this thing up w/o a heatsink since it would only be on for a few seconds to see if it would POST. The Duron was a little hot when I took it out, but the T-Bird 1.33 ghz was HOT AS HELL!!!! I mean it was literally only one for six seconds at maximum, I had no idea that it would conduct so much heat in such little time. It burned the [-peep-] outta my finger, and as I type this I have to take breaks to put ice on the finger. Big blister. Wish I had my digital camera on me. I'll never do that again.

    So all in all, building this computer has been sheer hell. First, I chip the CPU core, then I get a second degree burn on my index finger and almost fry the mobo because I am so oblivious as to how to build a PC with a socket processor. :-)
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