Outlook Express: Files to backup for OS reinstall?

I am using Windows XP Pro with Outlook Express 6.0 as an email client. I am about to make some equipment changes and reinstall the OS. Which files do I need to backup so that I do not lose my messages and address book? When I tried to "export" the files, it told me that it could not be done. Further investigation revealed that I needed Windows Messenger or Outlook installed for this function to work. Sure enough, installing Outlook 2000 enabled me to export the files from Outlook Express. But there was one problem: I could not import them back into Outlook Express (I tested it on a second computer) and had to use Outlook 2000. I *guess* I could use Outlook 2000 as my email client in the new configuration, but I'd rather not. So, which files do I need to backup in order to save my messages and address book to use in Outlook Express? Would the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" do it?

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  1. open up the address book and export a .wab from there for the address book.
    For saving the folders go to:
    c:>documents and Settings>(whatever your user is)>Local Settings*>Application data>identities>(a folder with lots of #'s and letters)>microsoft>outlook express
    Copy all of the stuff in there and just copy it back when you reinstall. you could probably just drag the folders right out of outlook express into a folder but this way has always worked for me.

    * = Must have "Show hidden files and folders" turned on
    can be found at:
    my computer>tools>folder options>view
  2. Alternatively, you can find your mail storage folder this way:

    In Outlook Express, go to tools-->options-->maintenance
    Click on "Store Folder"
    You can copy and paste the store location into a blank window.
    Backup all the files in there, and after installing the new OS just paste them over the new ones. Do yourself a favor though... back up everything on CD first so you don't lose everything if you screw up!

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