Dual Northwood P4, Q3 2001

Chipset : VIA PX266
CPU's supported : !! Northwood SMP !!
Max # of CPU's : 2
CPU Interface : Socket 478
RAM Type : SDRAM PC2100, PC133
Launch Date : Q3 2001


Chipset : Intel i850e
CPU's supported : !! Northwood SMP !!
Max # of CPU's : 2
CPU Interface : Socket 478
RAM Type : RDRAM PC600 , PC800
Launch Date : Q4 2001

Hell yeah !!! i'll be having Dual Northwood P4's !!! Most likely i'll get the PX266. I dislike RDRAM.

Guess what dual 2.0ghz Northwood P4's w/ PX266 mobo will cost less then Dual 2.0ghz AMD Athlon 4's w/ amd 760mp mobo.

The only nice Intel guy.
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  1. Cool. I just hope the VIA Px266 will be better then some of VIA's other chipsets. Otherwise I'll certainly be going with the i850E RDRAM solution. I think RDRAM will offer better performance, but I cant wait to see how they both perform.

    Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS!
  2. No matter... An i850e or PX266 dual processor mobo will be cheaper then a 760mp dual processor mobo.

    The only nice Intel guy.
  3. hell, i hope its cheaper. $600 for a 760mp motherboard is insane. I wonder if those boards come with a jar of vasoline? lol

    Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS!
  4. Well VIA PX266 dual northwood mobo should be around $150-$250. Alot cheaper then a AMD 760mp mobo.

    The only nice Intel guy.
  5. You guys have no idea how much 760MP boards will cost. Sure, the Tyan Thunder K7 is expensive, but look what it consists of:

    - 4 184-pin DIMM sockets
    - 8-layer PCB
    - AGP 4X Pro
    - Five 64/32 bit - 33MHz 6 volt PCI slots
    - Dual channel master mode supporting up to four IDE devices with DMA 100/66/33
    - Integrated LAN via two 3Com 3C920 Lan Controllers for 10/100Mbps support per controller
    - Integrated SCSI via Adaptec AIC-7899W controller which yeilds two 160M SCSI channels for support of upto 15 LVD devices per channel
    - Integrated ATI RAGE XL graphics accelerator
    - IDG-2 North Bridge and Viper South Bridge along with a Winbond W83827HF Super I/O ASIC
    - 2MB Phoenix flash BIOS which allows for multiple boot configurations

    I'm sorry, but any board with that type of configuration is bound to be extremely expensive, whether AMD or Intel. Take away all those add-ons and I'm sure you'll have a board in the sub $200 range.

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  6. Exactly, while big server mobo makers like Tyan will make expensive mobos with things like 64-bit PCI, and On-Board SCSI, 2 NIC's other companies like Asus say will make cheaper Dual Athlon 4 mobo's for enthusiasts that don't want to spend $600 on Dual AMD CPU mobo. And about the chipset's, despite I dislike Rambus (Who doesn't), I until PC2700 DDR comes out, I will have to stick with RDRAM most likely for P4. I just don't think the lower latency of DDR can make up for the less amount of Bandwidth.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by ajwr_2000 on 05/14/01 02:39 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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