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Need help upgrading to AMD 1.2

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May 14, 2001 5:07:08 PM

ok im a big gamer so im trying to get the most power for y money ive got 260 top sepend max......ive been looking at a ecs kvza 3.x rev kt133a main board witha 1.2 gig athlon tbird. But i cant decide if its worth the extra $$ to go with a 1.2 over a 1.1,also should i go with a 200MHZ fsb or 266FSB i currently have 100MHz SDram if tha matters and i dont have the money to buy ram as opf yet........thnx for the help


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May 14, 2001 5:31:59 PM

My answer...WAIT. The whole chipset thing is so beyond me that I cannot understand why any1 would buy an AMD system at this point.

Maybe the Nvidia set will be better and show the full potential of AMD, but until then I`d hold on to the system you have `cause prices are falling all the time and with the release of Athlon `4` prices of the current Athlons are going to drop quite a bit.

Your new hardware is out-of-date
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May 14, 2001 5:40:41 PM

If you don't have enough money to upgrade your memory wait. Your CPU will only run at a 200MHz FSB with PC-100.

What is your current system? I would wait.

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May 14, 2001 5:43:18 PM

Are you meaning to upgrade your current comp?
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May 16, 2001 1:37:58 AM

I have a P3 550 100mhz fsb, asus mb. soundblaster live value,geforce 2mx 64meg,96 meg ram@100mhz fsb and yes i am planign to upgrade
May 16, 2001 2:38:06 AM

Wait there isn't a game that I have seen you can't play. With all the new stuff coming out then start.

...if you think you have to have something high will you MB may be cheaper to get a new intel processor and new ram

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May 16, 2001 7:08:50 AM

Buy a asus AV7133 motherboard, a thunderbird 1000 (266) and 256 mb pc133 ram. 256mb pc133 ram is only like 80$. You can buy more ram later when you get som more money.
Sell your old cpu, ram and motherboard.
You will in the future be able to upgrade your system to a 1,8 Ghz Athlon 4 just by buying a new cpu.
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May 16, 2001 10:29:26 AM

Wait for a while and continue saving at the same time , you would be best off getting 1.33 and memory upgrade when the Athlon 4 or even better look at all of the CPU's around at that time is out cos it won't cost as much(although the mem is so cheap now it's unreal.).....or if you are desperate for a cheap upgrade now consider putting a 1ghz PIII into your existing setup.....

good luck


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May 16, 2001 11:13:46 AM

Dont be foolish. Spend your money on your videocard. Get a decent videocard (GF2 GTS or PRO, maybe a KYRO II if you are in for a small gamble).

If you buy a T-Bird 1.33 or P4 1.7 with that videocard, you're not likely to see much if any increase in gaming performance if you play 1024 or above. You will spend a lot of money though, and bang your head in a few months because prices have come down that much.

You may also look for used P3-850 or something (if your motherboard supports it) anything faster is overkill for most current games.

then, if you insist, get a decent KT133A board, and since you are on a tight budget, a cheapo Duron (like 750-850 or so) will run any current game smooth. Upgrade to a T-bird / Palomino when you have to, but get a faster videocard first.
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May 16, 2001 11:47:33 AM

why not throw a 128M PC 133 stick in your machine. I Know for a fact that you will notice a increase in speed, and its cheap, then when things calm down a bit, you can use it again in your new machine (Unless you plan on going DDR). remember, more space, then more speed.

however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
May 16, 2001 12:04:49 PM

actually you don't get that much performance bost once your up to 96 but before that you would get a perfomance boost
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May 17, 2001 2:29:25 AM

links pls, i've seen and felt the effects of increasing memory!!!

however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
May 17, 2001 6:45:43 PM

That depends entirely on the Operating system, and the Games/Apps that are being used. Win2k will benefit trmendously from having 256MB of RAM, or even more, over 96MB... I was running Q3A in Win2k on 96MB of RAM, and it spent a lot of time accessing the hard disk, which brought my Frame rates way down. It was pretty close to being unplayable. With 256MB of RAM, it is much better, but still sticks once in awhile, and could certainly benefit from another 256MB Dimm ;)  However... 96MB may be OK-ish in Win98, but then Win9x OSes can't efficiently manage any more than about 128MB of memory.