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Athlon 4's SSE+ vs Pentium 4 SSE2

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May 14, 2001 10:56:17 PM

Just to clarify, Some people are saying that Athlon 4 SSE+ is slower than SSE2. SSE+ was wasn't made to compete with SSE2. AMD's Hammer will have Full SSE2, at which time there will be software made for it. SSE+ I believe is just added to even up the optimized software that was running better on Pentiums. Now the playing Field is fair. So don't get it twisted. What i'm really interested in seeing is what benefits the enchancements to the core will have to Motherboards with DDR. From what i've read already the new enchancements will take advantage of greater FSB speed and Memory bandwidth.

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May 14, 2001 11:24:38 PM

Sorry to burst your bubble. SSE+ 52 instructions, SSE 70 instructions. SSE+ should be able to read SSE coding. SSE2 is 144 instructions. Well SSE+ is along way from being as fast as Open-Standard Intel SSE2.

The only nice Intel guy.
May 14, 2001 11:30:47 PM

lol u obviously didn't read my Post. SSE+ is not suppose to be as fast as SSE2. I'm am aware of the differences. SSE+ will be comparable with SSE. Full SSE2 support will be in HAMMER
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May 14, 2001 11:35:10 PM

Nope, SSE+ is not as fast as SSE2. SSE+ can read code fast as Intel SSE. A long shoot from SSE2. If SSE+ is that fast why doesn't the Hammer use that over SSE2.

The only nice Intel guy.
May 15, 2001 12:09:03 AM

Dude you are an idiot. Are you not reading his posts???? He never said SSE+ is as fast as SSE2. What AMD did was add 52 SSE instructions to the 3DNow instructions the Athlon already had to make it fully SSE compliable. I don't think they are calling it SSE+ are they? I thought it was called 3DNow! Pro or whatever. Anyways, get your [-peep-] straight rcf84 and actually pay attention to the point at issue.

"Trying is the first step towards failure."
May 15, 2001 12:32:48 AM

Yes SSE+ can run SSE code.

The only nice Intel guy.
May 15, 2001 1:50:41 AM

rcf84 I know u can read are u doing this to start some kinda flaming war?
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May 15, 2001 2:51:05 AM

MY GOD DROP IT! IF YOU KNOW YOU"RE RIGHT THEN WHY FIGHT ABOUT IT! If he wants to be a smartas then let him.