Amd radeon 6870 crashing when opening game

So im having the strangest issue with my graphics card. I had it installed and fine for about a year now and suddenly it started having issues with Borderlands 2 where the card will literally just cut off right after the game add's and just before i can select to load game. The strange thing is the sound from the game will still play so i know the system itself is still running. I tested the temp's on gpu and cpu both of which are under 70c, i tried reinstalling windows and immediately installing amd drivers and running a game, it does the same thing.
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  1. Have you tried to verify integrity of cache in steam? Or does this happen with more than just that game?
  2. What Power Supply and other parts are you using?
  3. i have a 600 watt power supply on i7 + mobo, i have only tried steam games, but the system itself has done it without my opening a game like post loading drivers for sound card, or just windows update and i go to youtube to play a video. It happens when i go through steam or when i go directly to the games as well.
  4. the screen goes black, the fan runs to 100percent when it crashes, im also hearing a high pitched screeching sound coming from the computer as well, but its not the video card, could it be the mobo or cpu?


    I found an older video card to test it out, the high pitched noise is barely noticeable now, but more importantly i opened a game and it played correctly, granted it was super slow because of the age of the card, now i just wish there was a way for me to see what is wrong with the radeon 6870
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