Dell to sale mobile Athlon Laptops

While reading about INTC and AMD on yahoo finance, I can across an interview by an analyst that says Dell is going to be selling the mobile Athlon 4 in their notebooks........any thoughts on this?

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  1. Looks like Dell has now jumped onto the AMD bandwagon. Perhaps they'll use AMD desktop processors now too.

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  2. Grizely1 you had better tell that dumbass Everett6. He has a thread not to long ago saying Dell wouldn't sell AMD products even if AMD paid Dell to sell them. That guy has no sense of logic and thinks on pure emotion. I think he wasn't hugged enough as a kid. Or maybe his uncle Bob hugged his a bit too much if you follow me!

    It worked yesterday! :lol:
  3. crisojedo,I was just going to ignore your pathetic little post but Im not one to take your crap. Why don’t you try reading your own posts.. sounds like your the one driven on emotion; flamming, swearing & yelling at me all over the place like a spoiled child. Seems like you've got plenty emotions for the both of us. Now you’re whining to Grizely, that’s really mature. At least my posts have some subject matter, yours always start and end with personal attacks and criticism. I hope to God that this forum is the only place we will ever cross paths. Oh and that Uncle Bob remark was really ingenious, so original. Now I know how immature and demented you really are. I will respect anybody that treats me the same way, and I will not be disrespected by the likes of you.

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  4. Let's take a look at your post titles so that we can see the emotion!

    You were the guy who posted "A horrible Disease". Hello dumbass computer parts are not living. Sounds like yet another great anti-AMD thread by yet another flamer who don't know jack. Maybe if you were not on your Daddy's computer and you had your own you might know something. Instead your post your Intel gospel and try to convert everyone with lies! If you were not such an emotional bitch flamer you would post informative stuff about Intel instead of spending every ounce of energy in that feeble body flaming Intel.

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    By the way dumb ass you were said...

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    You also said..."Dell currently sells more PC's and servers then anyone else.. too bad for AMD." I said you don't know [-peep-]!

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  5. hahaha you amuse me crisojedo.. you really do. Your post is so off-the-wall and unintelligible I actually have no idea what the hell you’re trying to say. At one point you actually criticize me for using an exclamation point.. lol.. omg I don’t know what to think. It really sounds like you have lot of hatred and emotional problems and you’ve decided to take it out on me. At one point you claim that I have posted nothing but lies. Well, if I’ve posted so many "lies" then prove me wrong when I do. Don’t call me names and whine about it, that's childish. All you have to do is Prove me wrong with FACTS and INFORMATION. I don’t think you can.. that’s why you always resort to adolescent name calling and flames. Either that, or you’re too damn lazy to try to prove me wrong, so instead you flip out and start bitching and moaning. You know, you remind me of the saying: "Don’t argue with a fool, because they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." That's exactly what has happened here, I’ve started arguing with a complete FOOL. So don’t bother posting anymore childish remarks to me as they will be ignored.


    Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS!
  6. Ferett6,

    Actually my post is not off the wall. The following can be confirmend by many posting on THG forum:

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  7. I gotta admit though, so always do sound pretty angry
    in your posts..

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  8. Though I hope Dell will actually start using AMD cpu's, I have to see it first. Each time AMD came out with a new cpu, rumours like these have been flying around the web. I dont think Dell minds at all.. it puts some pressure on Intel, and that way Dell may be asured of even better prices and delivery. The fact that Dell doesnt use AMD cpu's, had very little to do with the performance of these chips, but very much with the close intel-dell relationship. Basically intel gives dell better prices, info and supply, as long as they dont sell AMD systems.
    Remember the first P3-1 Ghz ? Basically, dell was the only one that could supply them.

    I dont think Dell will be very keen to step onto intel's toes and risk loosing this position. I dont think they have much to gain. I would not be surprised if intel would actually sell dell mobile P3 cpu's at the same prices AMD will sell its mobile A4's. What is there to gain then, for Dell ?
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