PIII 667EB on 100MHz FSB OK?

I have an Asus P2B MB(440BX, PII 300, Slot1) system. I want to sell it to build a new one. Before I do, I'd like to upgrade the processor to a PIII. I've searched Pricewatch and the best deal seems to be the PIII667EB($111 boxed).
What I want to verify is if this cpu will work correctly on a 100MHz FSB clocked @ 650MHz multiplier? I'm pretty sure it will since this is below its specs. I just want to make sure there isn't something I'm not seeing before making the purchase. The PIII 550E/600E/650E/700E (boxed) all average around $130. That's why I'm going for the 133MHz FSB cpu.
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  1. just overclock your BX board to 133mhz. That will do the trick. The P3 666 is multiplier locked.
  2. The 667 EB is a 133fsb CPU and has 5x mulitiplier, if you run it at 100mhz fsb the cpu will be running at 500Mhz. That would be a waste if you ask me. The 650E 100fsb cpu is only $96 (oem) on pricewatch I would just get that.

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  3. jenspetersen - thanks, but I don't want to go above the specs of the 440BX's 100MHz and the PC100 SDRAM. It's not something I want to support after I sell it.

    everett6 - Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know. I forgot about the PIII667EB being multiplier locked at 5x. I had a feeling I was overlooking something. Thanks again for the heads up.
  4. YOu might want to consider the PIII 700, it is still very inexpensive ($98 on pricewatch) or the 750 ($99 on Pricewatch) is an even better deal. They will run full speed at 100MHz bus speeds.

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