Need New Gaming Monitor! $100 Budget (Black Friday/Cyber Monday!)

Hi! I am looking to get a new monitor either today (Black Friday), Or Cyber Monday, or whatever its called :P!
It will be mainly for gaming on my new build I just finished! I have a low budget, $100, but I am sure lots of Good Monitors will be on sale for these 2 days. Here is my specs:

Intel Core 15-3570k @ 3.40 GHz 3.80 GHz

16.0 GB of GSkill RAM
64 Bit Windows 7

1 TB Harddrive

HD Radeon 7850 Video Card!

Thanks a Lot! Btw, Must be HD :P!
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  1. The best that I can see that comes close to your budget is on newegg. com.....

    I am on a low budget enough budget to and from all I read, this is as close as you might get. Monitor sales for that price range have been piss poor from what I have see so far. But check it out, when it all breaks down you will have to spend $120.
  2. Actually, I'm going for this one....its $5 more then the one listed above after various rebates....
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