How to access email from one account I need to use a client for?

Hello, I just got a job working for a production company based in the UK, they have set up an email address online thru the company for me, and said thaty I need a client to support the mail and to be able to view it...they suggested I download outlook express. I have a 64 bit laptop with Windows 7 and I searched for the proper program but apparently Outlook Express is not compatible with my system. So now I just need to link the company email address to my hotmail account (which has recently been converted over to outlook anyways. So i linked both email accounts so that the company emails are delivered to my hotmail account, but I have to access the company email address to click on the verification link first before the mail will be delivered...I have no idea how to access that email account. My supervisor has given me the pop and smtp info, as well as my email address and password...but now I'm so confused I have no idea where to go from here....PLEASE HELP!!!!! :-S
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  1. I have used this client before:
    To create a new account after installing the client. It is Windows 7 compatible.
    Click on Tools
    Click on Accounts
    Click on Create
    You should be prompted for your email address, password, and the pop and smtp info.
    This will bypass the hotmail account

    Don`t forget if it is a company you will need to know the pop mail address, and the Smtp mail address in order to get your mail, and send it or reply to e-mail.
    As well as your email address and password.
  3. If you have Microsoft Outlook (as mentioned by hotmail being converted to outlook), you just setup an account in Outlook (remove the forwarding from hotmail). If you receive mail on that account, when you reply, it will be sent using that account. I have 8 accounts in my MS-Outlook, and each send/receive mail individually, when replying, they reply using that account.

    The only thing you have to keep an eye on, when you create a new message, you have to choose the account you will be using, or it will default to your "default" account...
  4. Windows Live Mail is the email client for Windows 7 that took over from Outlook Express. But I would go with Microsoft Outlook if you can.
  5. OMG thank you so very much!! You are a lifesaver! did exactly that, and it worked with no problems...however now, it is saying that the pop3 is messed up even tho I haven't changed anything, and it is currently scanning for one that will work for my email keeps saying the server is this something that happens often? should I still use my hotmail account as a backup in case I cannot access my email from the eM Client?
  6. i also downloaded em Client too so if I have any problems with one, I can always use the other to back myself up with :) thank you all so much for your helpful input!! :)
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