I bought a monitor with a DVI port for black friday and I'm wondering if an HDMI ported monitor would be better in any way. I don't have speakers and only use a headset for sound, so will the HDMI make the headset's sound quality better in anyway?
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  1. Honestly, you wont notice a difference.
  2. As long as similar quality components are used for the DVI and HDMI ports/electronics, there is no difference.
  3. If you ever plan on connecting a console to it, such as a PS3, I would highly recommend getting the monitor with HDMI ports. I'm have a Samsung Syncmaster and I'm connecting my PS3 with a DVI-HDMI cable and it is pretty ugly. Playable, but ugly.
  4. dvi and hdmi are pretty much equal.

    a good quality hdmi-dvi cable should eliminate the issue nin-ha has. i've seen reports of poor image quality with such cables on here but i've had no issues with the evga one supplied with my video card.

    if your pc outputs hdmi and you have a ps3 then maybe you should have went hdmi. if your pc outputs dvi and you do not have a ps3 then you are fine. if you have dvi and a ps3 then its a toss up.

    in any case...it should not be an issue at all as suggested above.
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