HELP, PC freezes, locks, crashes

My computer is crashing everytime sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes after 10 or 20 minutes, freezes mouse, keyboard and i have to reset. I was using the win 98 SE, then i formatted the HD and put the win ME (i know its not a good OS, i thought it would help), i changed my PSU, changed the memory using spectek, then infineon (new ones), no use, tested with another processor no use, tested with another video board same problem, changed the via driver, changed the video driver, my cpu temp is about 44 Celsius.
My config is
Soyo Dragon +
K7 800 Mhz
256 Mb DDR
Geforce 4 MX 440 (Pine)
Quantum LCT 10 20 Gb

These days during these problems i lose my HD Maxtor 40 Gb 7200 RPM when i turned it on it showed no system disk and a smell like burning, since then i am using the old fireball, but the problem remains.
Any ideas would be appreciatted
Thanks in advance
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  1. Have you considered upgrading the processor to about an XP1900+ or something in that range, you can go up to a XP2100+ with your M/B, and possibly increasing the RAM another 256Mb.

    First of all I have a SOYO Dragon + myself, some things you may check into.
    Does the video card support DirectX 8, some of the first GF4 MX series cards did not.
    The GF4 usually ends up on IRQ 11, make sure the video card is not sharing IRQ 11 with the onboard Lan, for some reason the Dragon and Windows like to put those on the same IRQ and it will cause problems, I tried numerous solutions to trying to reallocate the IRQ including disabling my serial ports, but the only way I got the problem resolved was to purchase a separate PCI Ethernet Lan and install it in PCI slot 2, and disable the onboard Lan in the CMOS setup.
    You also could have too many programs running, using up your available resources.
    You should be running a minimum 300W, preferably a 350W power supply.
    Also the Dragon doesn't seem to like multiple RAM configurations for some reason unknown to me, like for instance two 128 modules to equal 256, with the Dragon you're much better off to go with a single 512Mb module and be done with it, the RAM can test fine in the DOS stage and fail under Windows applications, lost a few more hairs trying to resolve that issue.
    Some of these suggestions may relate some may not, you have an excellent M/B, I hope this helps. Ryan

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  2. Ryan,
    thanks for your post.
    i have a cheap 10/100 card already and in bios the onboard is disable. My GF 4MX i think doesnt support directx 8 but whats the problem? i think i am already using directx 9 ( i thought it would help). the memory is just one module of 256, the other module i bought (cause i thought in the beggining it was the memory) i am giving back and change for the XP 2000+ (plus US$ 30). The power supply, here in Brazil its difficult to find a good one i bought a Maxxtro that is 500W but in a review was tested and said that the real safety is 300W, if i try to buy a enermax or thermaltake (the only 2 brands that i know is good and avauable here in Brazil it will cost about US$150 - US$200. its TOO MUCH for a power supply.
    anyway thanks for your help. Today i will disable all the pieces, clean with some dry cloth put it on again and PRAY :)
  3. These problems are almost exclusive to VIA chipsets and some of the old socket 7 SiS chipsets. People blame the OS, but why don't you see this very often on Intel or newer SiS chipsets?

    This is assuming of course that you are not overheating or using defective memory.

    OK, first thing I'd check is the temps. Then check the voltage levels, and watch for fluctuations. Then try setting the memory at it's slowest settings.

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