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I really need to know everything about T-Bird I want to get. I want 1.2Ghz and my mobo supports it. Do I need a better fan for it? Or can I use standard HSF? When will the price drop in summer or fall? (now 1.2Ghz cost $140 I wonder if it willgo to $80 after Christmas...)I know how to use switches on the mobo so I can put 12.0 multiplier..or is ti better to flash BIOS? If I will flash then I won't need to use switches..
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  1. I have a 1.2 ghz amd, get the 266 FSB version (hopefully you have a mobo that supports these) and set it to
    9.0x multiplier with 133 mhz bus speed and ram.

    The 1.2ghz amd runs VERY hot. get the best heatsink/fans you can. (multiple in the case is good)

  2. I have A7V so I can have only 100Mhz bus. I will just set 12.0 multiplier and live with that....do they like sell them at www.pricewatch.com already with fans abd heatsinks? the ones that won't make it fry? Why can't I put 1.3Ghz on A7V?
  3. Have a look at the asus website but I am sure you can flash teh bios to allow the 1.3ghz to work....PS I have a 1.2ghz (266fsb) in an A7M MB and the HSF is cool to the touch after nailing it but it is said that the 1.3's run much cooler.....


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