How to identify a toasted Athlon TBird

If your Athlon TBird has been fried, how will it look? Are there any pictures descriptions? I'm just wondering if mine is toast!

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  1. It's funny how some people prefer to bitch at each other and talk a lot of non related stuff, and when something like this simple question comes along, it's just ignored!

    Wierd, maybe I need to say something really stupid or just say "hahaaha My Athlon is better than a pentium" in order to get some kind of response!


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  2. maybe no one repsonds because they dont have any pics?

    if the top core is crushed and cracked
    thats a good sign

    when ur pc wont boot
    thats a good sign too

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  3. It's been a long time since I've seen a fried tbird. The most severe case would look something like this: <A HREF="" target="_new">Fried Geforce 2</A> Other than what you see in that picture, you might not be able to see any physical damage to the cpu. What kind of errors do you get when you start up the PC? Do you get to or past the post?

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  4. Sorry - I don't come in here very often anymore for the reasons you state.

    A fried T-bird may not look any different, but it will probably smell! What board are you using? If it is an Asus A7V133 then the bios may have locked up... Let me know if so about how to get round it.

    Also, Has anything happenend to make you think you fried it, like bad/no heatsink install etc...

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  5. I'd agree with pete. Sometimes a fried chip doesn't have any surface damage at all. When you get an Athlon to hot, you will burn the silicon under the die so if you put it up to your nose you will definately smell a burnt smell. Your gut will tell you that, at least that's how I could tell mine was a dud.
  6. Here's a post I put somewhere else about the problem I had.

    Hi everyone,
    The hours of research done and the money spent!!! It makes me upset, but I know it's not the end. I'm hoping you guys can help me out with this.

    MSI K7 Master
    1200 MHz AXIA 266
    2 x 256 Crucial unbuffered non parity
    300W AMD approved PS
    CPU temp idle was about 45
    Case temp was about 27

    I think I had the the CPU on 1380 and 10x 138/3_ fsb.

    I was playing counter strike and then after about 15 minutes it just all switched off.

    I can't swith it back on again using the power switch, I've tried switching it all off and then on a again, but no. I took the Coolermaster DP5 6I11 HS/Fan off and checked the cpu but it didn't look or smell burnt.

    When I push the power button there is one small square green LED on the motherboard which comes on, but none of the 4 diagnostic LEDs come on (no red/green) so I can't really identify the problem.

    I don't know what the problem is can any of you guys suggest something?

    It could be the CPU but I don't really know exactly how to identifya fried cpu. I thought it may be the power supply but that one green LED in the centre comes on. I thought it might be the motherboard but again that LED comes on, maybe the LED is powered by the battery? I don't know!

    Thanks guys.

    I went to my friends, house stripped down the machine to it's basics and connnected his power supply to my machine and it started up. It was the power supply.

    Thanks for you help anyways.

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  7. Glad to see the problem is solved, but come on. Leave the beer out of this.

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  8. What no Beer? Forget about it ajmcgarry i already had a frosty cold one. Now that a nice cold Molson. :*( BEER )

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  9. Hehe. You've got me all wrong mate.

    Why is hatimh calling beer the devil's piss. Born and bred in Ireland I take that sort of comment to heart.

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  10. If you've already thought about this, I'm sorry, but have you tried a different cpu in the same rig? Seems to be that that would be the easiest way to determine if it's the cpu or the mobo.

    Also, take out all your components except video card and ram, and if you have two HDD's, use only one, bad HDD prevents boot. And does the mobo beep at al when you turn on the system?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by kavbear on 05/17/01 11:47 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  11. I just had this scary feeling that mine was crushed or something. So, I took the cpu out, and cleaned [the AS2] off, and looked at it. No cracks...

    Then, I checked the L1 bridges. I could see the gold through the graphite, so I just decided to erase it off because it wasn't permanent. After I put it back in, then put all my jumper settings to their defaults, my computer started back up.

    I hope that might relate. If not...........(my bad). :smile:

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  12. Glad to hear that you were able to fix the problem. Now pass me some of that devil's piss. :smile:

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