Searching for a monitor, need advice

I am looking for advice on choosing a monitor. I have high requirements and I'm wondering if it is possible to find a such a monitor within a budget.

LED TN or preferably IPS
24" - 27"
Wall Mountable
At least 1920x1080 resolution
With speakears preferably

The monitor should fit at least 5 out of these 6 requirements

Is there such a product, or are my requirements too high?

Thank you for your help.
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  1. The wall mountable bit is likely going to be your biggest restriction.

    What do you need the monitor for most?

    There's a slew of monitors that will meet the other requirements, as those are the most common specs available these days.

    it also depends on what you mean by "within a budget." Under $500?
  2. I want a monitor for work and movies mostly, so I would like a wall mountable one just so I can use the space on the desk for the laptop and adjustable so that I can watch it in comfort from an angle and further away.
  3. Then you'll definitely want an IPS panel.

    But once again, what are you looking at spending?

    Do you want the picture quality to be good or face melting?
  4. I might need to retouch some photography too, but I am quite tolerant for quality... I would hardly be willing to spend more than 500$.
  5. I like the Dell UltraSharp U2412m but it's a shame it does not have a HDMI connection. For an IPS monitor though, it is very stylish
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