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I had windows xp on my laptop but it crashed, so I took it to a computer shop to get it fixed and was talked in to getting windows 7 put on the laptop. Now it says windows 7 is not a genuine version. How can I just replace it with windows xp again due to so much other software issues with windows 7?
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  1. what software issues are you talking about?

    if it says its not a genuine version its either an illegal copy (in which case the store you got it from needs to give you a real copy, or get in alot of trouble) or it hasn;t been registered.

    either way, i would just go back to them and tell them to fix it. don't let them talk you into spending any more money, just fix the issues they are obliged too.
  2. how much did they charge you to install Win7, do you still have XP installation CD, if the computer came with XP in the beginning, get a disk from the MFG
  3. Mrbenz05,

    Did they give you a genuinely labeled Windows 7 DVD with a product key? If you have the product key, have you attempted to enter it and reactivate?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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