1.33 & 1.3GHz athlon

Since the 1.33GHz is 50$ more expensive than 1.3, What is the difference in performance if I got me a 1.3? The RAM won't be in sync with the CPU bus but I don't think that translates into much performance loss right?
Do they have AXIA/AVIA chips at 1.3 or are they all 1.33?
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  1. <<<The RAM won't be in sync with the CPU bus but I don't think that translates into much performance loss right?>>>
    the bus will be 100mhz and the ram 133mhz which will hamper performance. of course the smart thing to do would be buy the 1.3ghz and unlock it and overclock it to 1.33 or more @133 fsb.
  2. Thanks d00d, but I don't think I will be overclocking anytime soon.
  3. All I know is that the AMD 1.3GHz with 266FSB is not available and has not been for a month so if you want one-I'd suggest a 200 FSB.
  4. That's what I'm saying. The 1.33 is much more expensive.
    Does anybody know if the 1.3GHz/200Mhz come in AXIA/AVIA?
  5. Dude... get the 1.3Ghz version at 100mhz FSB and overclock. it's soooooooooo easy. Any idiot could do it. All you do is scribble a pencil over some little contacts and BOOM you've got a 1.33Ghz Athlon at a 133mhz FSB.

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  6. Wusy... i'm going to b*tch slap you.

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  7. I'm talking about a 1.3Ghz on a FSB vs. a 1.33Ghz on a 133mhz FSB. <slap!> There, I did it =)

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  8. What's a chrome orb got to do with the price of fish?

    If you get a cooler that will handle a 1.3G 100FSB chip, it will also do the same chip at 1.33/133FSB - it' only another 30Mhz.... No contest.

    Okay, I wouldn't recommend a chrome orb, but I think you brought that into the conversation - not him?

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  9. Are you saying that moving the FSB up to 133mhz increases the CPU temperature?

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  10. your RAD? what's that?

    The 1.33 Athlon has a default voltage of 1.75 as well..

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  11. Ok. First point, the 1.3 and 1.33 are the same price exactly. If you are seeing the 1.33 for 50 bucks more, shop around. I am in canada, and at www.pccanada.com they are EXACTLY the same price to the penny.

    On the issue of speed, depends on what you are doing with it. It's fine for example to get a KT7A board, but that doesn't mean the board will support DDR Ram. Which means, your 1.33 will be almost the same thing as a 1.3. As far as memory being out of sink, I have no idea what the issue is. We have ALL been running 100/200FSB processors with PC133 ram for a while now, and nobody has saw fit to complain. I would say without DDR ram, going from 1.3 to 1.33 will get you MAYBE a 1% increase in overall preformance, if that.

    Course, I am no engineer and I could be way off on this..... :)
  12. wrong....going from 200 to 266 fsb will give alot performance. Fsb is even more important than ram speed. differnce between athlon 1200(200) with pc133 and athlon 1200(266) with DDR is about 15%. difference between athlon 1200(266) with pc133 and athlon 1200(266) with DDR is only 5%.
  13. Agreed that adding DDR ram will give a preformance increase. But we are talking about 1.3 @ 100 with PC133 ram, and 1.33 @ 133 with PC133 ram. Unless he gets DDR ram, he won't be able to really do 266. The preformance increase offered by the extra 33Mhz FSB is not worth even a 50$ increase IMHO. The speed increase is almost right at 1% (according to the benchmarks, I haven't actually tested this myself).

    However, if it will make anyone happy, I am running an ABit KT7-Raid w/ TBird 1300. My friend across the street has the Abit KT7A-Raid with the TBird 1333. Both of us are running 256MB Infineon PC-133 ram from the same batch (we bought it at the same time). We can do all the realworld tests you guys would like to see. :)
  14. I read in Anandtech that newegg is a good company. I also found many people here ordering stuff from it. I've just double checked and the 1.3 is for 170$ OEM, the 1.33 is for 220$ OEM also, not retail.
    I was just asking about the performance decrease in this setup, since all benchmarks compare performance of an A7A using 1.33GHz (I think) and I must say it's pretty impressive against the K7 master. I just hope that when the desktop palmominos come out, ALI can issue a bios update to support it.
    Thanks d00dz.
  15. By palmomino's I mean palmomomomomininiononons. Whoever thought of that name is on crack.
    as I was saying, I'm not overclocking anytime soon.
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