Samsung s23a700d vs benq xl2420t

im buying a new monitor and i want a 120hz just for gaming i dont care about 3d i heard the samsung is very good and cheaper what you think i should get.
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  1. The Samsung s23a700d is a 23" screen where as the BenQ XL2420T is a 24".

    That seems to be the biggest distinguishing factor (and price).

    Reviews for the s23a700d also mention it's not very adjustable and that the touch controls can be annoying.

    As far as gaming experience goes, they seem to be equal.

    So it comes down to do you want a bigger screen for more money, or smaller for cheaper?
  2. I believe the Samsung has a glossy finish, where as the BenQ has a matte finish.

    And while you don't care about 3D, that could change. After using it, you might be surprised at how much you like it. Just something to consider.
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