Need K6-2 / III benchmark info QUICK...HELP!

I have a choice of 2 free CPU's to build a system for a younger brother.
I have also a free 503+ w/1MB.

Which is faster overclocked ???

A K6-2 500

or a K6-3 400 (not .18)????

Thanks guys!

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  1. the K6 2 is faster at rendering, games, video encoding, etc.
    the K6 III may have slightly better Windows performance in general, but I used my K6 2 @ 500, I compared it to my K6 III+(which is identical to the K6 III except smaller) at all speeds. the K6 III had a little better memory bandwidth on benchmarks, even running 100mhz slower, but I'd take an extra 100mhz processor speed over that anyday.

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  2. I disagree, the k6-3 is a much better chip. It will outperform the k6-2 on almost all apps even at a lower clock. The reason being that it has an additional 256 l2 chace on chip. On FPU intensive apps, the k6-2 may pperform slighlty better do to its higher clock speed, but overall the k6-3 is your best bet. Not only that, it is worth more.

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  3. Niether are great overclockers.

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  4. it depends entirely on what you do with it.
    K6III 400 works better in windows and such, K6 2 500 works better in most games.
    raw clock speed matters at that low speed.
    as far as the overclocking, my K6 2 450 clocked all the way to 570 stable with the oem heatsink. I ran it at 550 most of the time, I had ONE game that wouldn't run @ 570, I eventually clocked it to 500 just because I got nervous.
    the original K6 III is a poor overclocker, thats for sure.

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  5. My experainces have shown just the opposite, the k6-3 almost always outperformed the k6-2's in games, alas, them dyas are long gone ( thank god ). Your right though the k6-3's were lousy overclockers but the k6-3+'s were pretty good.

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  6. A k6-III 400 is much faster than a K6-2 500.

    In Norton Systemworks CPU sysmark:

    the K6-2 500 gets anywhere from 150 to 180. (depends on 512K or 1 megabyte L2 cache memory on motherboard)

    the K6-III 400 gets about 220 (similar to a pentium 2 400)

    I have tested other systems with Sysmark for comparison only:

    Pentium 120 gets 20
    Pentium 233 gets 40 - 60
    K6-2 300 gets 120 (100 Mhz FSB)
    Pentium-3 933 gets 380 to 440.

    I hope this helps.
  7. my K6III+ overclocked by a nice 150Mhz, did well.
    at stock speed of 450 it was a little slower than my 550 on Quake II, Quake III and Aliens vs Predator.
    games love clockspeed and your milage may vary.

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  8. Well, as long as everyone is going back and forth on the issue, my K6-III outperformed every K6-2 I've ever owned, by a significant amount, at the same clock speeds. AT least a 15% difference clock for clock.

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  9. Gday i had K6-2 450 & a K6-3 450,ufortunatly i no longer have the bench marks,But i can tell u that with a V2 12meg that the K6 3 creamed the K6 2 on all bench marks,Sisoft,Wintune & 3d Mark 2000.
  10. agreed, at the same speed the K6III is faster than the K6 2, hell, I'll even spot the K6 2 50Mhz, but at 100mhz difference, I have to give it to the K6 2.

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  11. if you can find a K6-2+ or a K6-3+, they over clock better alot better plus they run at 2.0 votage. There are some people able to get this processors up to around 650 to 662 mhz.
  12. I looked at amd's site and it says the k6-3 has a 100mhz clock. I had a k6-3 400 and a k6-2 500 and the k6-3 was faster for games. I ran both of them at their stock speed
    i never tried to overclock them. I had 2 voodoo2 1000s in sli with a asus p5a mb for the k6-3 and k6-2. When i had my current Voodoo3 1000 agp in the k6-3 it ran great. I would use the k6-3.

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  13. Yes but the k6-3+'s are not always compatable you need to check first.

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  14. I have both, well my kid has a k6-2 500 @ 550, I have a k6-3 450 in my spare system- it KICKS the k6-2 550, they both on the same board (Gigabyte 5ax), the k6-3 has more ram, but even before it still outperformed the k6-2.LOL you think I'd have given my kid the better of the two??

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