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Hello, Toshiba L655, I had a virus so I ran the recovery process and created 4 disk. Next I reinstalled windows using the HD installed recovery software. I was getting HD problem suggesting that I replace the drive so I picked up a new Seagate. Identical parameters. I changed out the drive and attempted to load using the recovery disks. after it read the 4th disk it still asked for another disk. I had no choice but to hit cancel. The computer restarted show windows starting, getting to the initializing the partition screen for over an hour.
No moving dots after please wait, no flash on the hard drive. Is it working.
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  1. Oh dear justunme, can you spot the problem.?
    There is a backup Image of the Os on the old hard drive. Its looking for that partition.
    to Access it as part of the setup process.
  2. I created the backups before the re-image. When I reset the old HD to the out of the box state, it should have wiped away the backup image. On the original HD, the only thing I installed was the re-image. So should I reinstall the original HD, recreate the recovery disk and try the new ones on the new disk?
  3. Hi

    from my experience using Toshiba Windows 7 recovery DVDs to re build Windows from scratch
    with one hard disk in place (either brand new or MBR erased)

    The recovery process creates a recovery partition followed by two equal sized partitions then copies the contents of the 2 DVD's (or one double density DVD) to the third partition (D:), then re builds Windows files on second partition (C:)
    (with lots of reboots as drivers etc are installed)

    [there must be differences with some models if you have 4 DVD's -( 4 CD's would not be enough)]

    If you have problems watch this process carefully, you may see some file copy errors as some of the files are copied to the Hard Disk.
    When this occured I copied the DVD in another PC at a slow speed and this copy disk allowed the re installation to complete.

    The backup & recovery procedure is documented in the user guide available from Toshiba web site (usually also on your PC before formatting hard drive)


    Mike Barnes
  4. Finally done. I put back in the original drive and recreated the recovery disk. After I re-installed the new drive and attempted to start the recover, the screen read that it couldn't find the BOOTMGR. I recreated another set and tried again. No luck. Although I had changed the BIO's to read the DVD first. I thought perhaps that between the countless restarts it n=might have changed back to try the HD first. Because you cannot get into the BIO's on my model Toshiba without being in Windows I changed back to the original drive and went into the BIO's to see that it had changed back to read the HD first and since there was a HD present, even though it was empty, the system didn't have the intelligence to look at the DVD. So I changed the BIO's swap out the drives and retried. Success at last.

    FYI Although I had 4 DVD's created each time. The 4th one was never requested. All of Windows 7 and the Toshiba software is installed, so I need to look at the disk and see what is actually on it.
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