DV6-3107ee OR toshiba L655-11U

i am confused between choosing HP Pavilion DV6-3107ee or Toshiba Satellite L655-11U?
and what do u think about Asus A42j laptop?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What is your usage ? If it's gaming,then all the laptops you mentioned have a low-end GPU for,so don't expect a great gaming performance from them.
  2. thanks, i mostly use if web browsing and reading books.
    i also use PS CS4..
    is it ok with them in these laptops.
  3. Yes,they're all fine for CS4.
    Since they have the same CPU and RAM,then go with the cheapest one.
  4. The Toshiba and HP will have similar performance thanks to the i3 processor, 3GB RAM, similar ATI graphics cards and other shared components. I would usually lean toward the Toshiba because I prefer their designs and I've always had good experiences with them, which isn't the case with HP....

    But in this situation, the HP has several additional features that may be important to you. In particular, the HP has a faster hard drive, Altec Lansing speakers, total of 4-USB ports and 1-USB/eSATA, and the ATI HD 5470 graphics card (with 512mb DDR3 video memory).

    The Toshiba has a slower (5400rpm vs. 7200rpm) hard drive, and only has 3-USB ports, one of which is also e-SATA. It has the ATI HD 5145 graphics card, which has performance similar to the HP's 5470 in most areas. The 5145 is actually just a renamed last-generation ATI HD 4570. As a result, it is only capable of DirectX 10.1 and is manufactured using a 55nm process. The 5470 is DirectX 11.0 capable and it is made using a smaller, more efficient 40nm process.

    The Toshiba does have at least one thing going for it- a standard 2-year warranty on that model! The HP comes with a 1-year warranty standard....

    How much price difference between the two?
  5. thanks very much for your information..
    here in Egypt you can say 500 LE
    i may go for HP beacause i find it stylish than Toshiba ..
    another thing the hard drive and ATI HD 5470.
    i am very sorry i noted your message a little bit late :)
    i already got the HP
    i will test it and let you the news, the shocking thing is that Win 7 home edition doesn't support Aero experience :(((
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