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I am a teacher living in a remote fly in village northern manitoba. My computer crashed. I was using adobe CS2 SOFTWARE for all my editing. Now I need to purchase new again. My last laptop was purchased for me with necessary programs all integrated and so this time I am on my own. Need help. Have been looking at dell.
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  1. what are your primary requirements and what's your budget??
  2. Hello Kirk and welcome to the forums
    We need more info,so fill the FAQ first(link in my sig)
  3. For a solid all around laptop (CS5, gaming, pretrty much anything), I'd recommend the Clevo P151HM which is sold by various vendors (Sager, VoodooPC, WidowPC, Prostar, Xotic.pc, etc) ....it goes for about $1175. Find Canadian vendors here:

  4. shreejan86 said:
    what are your primary requirements and what's your budget??

    I am a full time artist and part time teacher. I record native peoples stories and tales on video, adding in still shots and making into small movies. I rework photos to insert into movie the movies.
    I also work with abused women alot in their recovery and video their stories as part of the process.
    So I have a budget of about 1000. I expect to have to buy the CS5 premier and photo shop again as I lost the cs2 suite which will be an extra. I fogot to back up??
  5. I asked you to fill out the FAQ because we need more info such as the desired screen size,battery life,brand preferences etc. but it seems you didn't see my post above :)
    Anyway,if you can't wait for sandy bridge laptops,then consider Lenovo Y560
  6. Thank you so much for the info. I am talking to them tomorrow. I was interested in one review which suggested upgrading immediately to ssd 8 gb of 1333 ram. Not sure exactly what that would do from the standard, but he was a video editor as well as gamer. Are there other upgrades for the laptop.

  7. Upgrading to 8GB won't give a huge difference in performance unless you have lots of image/video editing projects opened.Upgrading to SSD however,will notably lower your boot/load times and overall your system feels snappier.
  8. i purchased the 560 with some upgrades want to thank all who wrote in to me. computer arrives monday. thanks again.
    Question? are all stand along hard drives of about the same quality. will need one to work with videos??
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