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What is an acceptable operating tempature range for an AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz Thunderbird chip? Right now my ranges are: No load, temp. is 96 degrees F. Under load, temp. is 115 degrees F. Are these ranges OK or should I try to lower them some more?
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  1. Youch! WAY to high! What kind of heatsink/fan are you using?

  2. you've got it down in Fahrenheit. If that's what u mean then that's perfect. That's 35.5 to 46 Celcius.
    If not then your in big trouble

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  3. Geesh you guys, no need to scare him.. your ranges are perfectly fine if not a bit low for a 1.2 ghz athlon with what i am guessing is just normal fans and hsf equipment.
  4. That is a perfectly acceptable temperature. You don't have much headroom to overclock, but if you don't wat to - your are A ok.

    I personally say anything sustained over 122F (50C) is probably a little warm, but still okay. Some people live in hot countries or don't have AC so they cannot get below 50C even if they wanted to.

    The standard HSF runs the cpus at 60 degrees C plus - so you are doing much better than the standard packaged AMD units...

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  5. not necessarily true. i am using the cooler master DP5-6H11 HS/F that came with my processor, i think AMD is also shipping there retail processors with these but not sure, with nothing more than a little sanding and some AS2 my duron 850 oc'ed to 1001(143*7.0)runs at 46C under full load.

    not trying to be rude just let you know that for $15 you can seriously increase your HS/F efficiency

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  6. Nor am I trying to be rude, but if you sanded your HS and used ASII, then it is hardly standard is it?

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  7. I have been unable to get below 52C on no load, but my load is only 56C. I sent my motherboard away so I can't test this but I just sanded the HS some, it has little bumps, but not anymore. I hope it helps some. I also have ASII, but have not found the right amount to apply yet. Guess its a trial and error type thing.

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  8. Mine TBird 1.3 is at about 33C under no load, but get's into the low 50s C under full load (seti - proc at 100%)

    I was wondering if this full load was a little high, but I am guessing not. BTW, I use GlobalWin FOP32 w/ AS2. I had to go over it something fierce with alcohol to get rid of all the other old thermal paste I had on the Duron 750. I am thinking perhaps it left some residual and I might sand down the sink and re-seat it. Any opinions?
  9. can do - I think some of the fine tuning is a little overkill, but if you think and can see dirt or residue on the base of the heatsink, then there is probably value. You may do better using a very fine cutting agent rather than a sander though.

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  10. By fine cutting agent you mean something like acetone? I hit the thing with alcohol and noticed some black residue on the bottom of the sink and the rag I was using. Appears the alcohol reacted with the finishing agent on the sink in some way... Not quite sure. Anyone else ever experiance anything similar?

    I payed some good bucks for that globalwin, and I would hate to have to replace it. Although low 50s under full load doesn't bother me THAT much... :)
  11. something like that.

    Low 50s is passable. You are not going to break anything, and it's below what retail hsf users often report.

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  12. I appreciate all of the posts from everybody. There are a lot opinions about this subject seems like. FYI - I am using a CoolMasters Model: DP5-6H51 HS/F combination on the chip. I do plan to modify the case a bit and put in an extra exhaust fan since AMD recommends one for the PWR supply and one for the system. Right now, I only have the PWR supply for exhaust. Thanks again for the input!!
  13. good point... :P

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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