Cracked/Burned Athlon = User Stupidity

Listen guys..

Days ago i installed yet another Athlon socke A processor perfectly..

I don't know how you guys are managing to crack these cores or manage to burn them out.

I dont know how u are doing it.
Unless you really hate AMD and try and damage them, or you on here are just lying etc...

I don't know dudes but all i do know is i installed many of them now perfectly, they work, and they work great.

The only kinda nerve wrecking thing i find is if you have a large heatsink.... like the ones i have used from a few brands... when u push the locking clip down to lock that is very very tight going down, and at first i thought i was goign to damage soemthing but i haven't in all the ones i have installed. so i mean..
its soooo easy guys...

--call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
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  1. I too have never found it hard to install a CPU+HSF.!!AVE!

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  2. I'd say for tech's & people in the business, it would be easy. However the Hobiest builder better beware when they do it. Most places on the web & locally will do it for you for nothing. I think that's pretty cheap insurance for someone that builds a computer every 2 years or so. I myself have put 2 AMD's together & I haven't even tried to do it. The first one I bought off the web & they installed the cpu, hsf & the ram on the board for me. I bolted it in & bingo great rig. The second one I bought locally & the shop owner did it for me there as well. Bingo, rock solid. Then my son read a bunch of posts on forums about putting on paste & decided to take of the hsf & apply the paste. Fried it in 60 seconds. A $220.00 lesson on what not to do when installing a hsf.

    For me I'll take the free insurance when I build.

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  3. I agree

    if anyone of you is worrisome about installing something.. or if u dont know how..
    DONT DO IT~!

    its that simple..
    dont guess...
    get someone to do it for u..

    --call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
  4. maybe i am just the exception. but i have removed and re-installed the HS/Fon my duron at least 15 times and i have yet to crack one core. now that i have read the HS/F install guide provided by AMD i feel better about doing it but even before then i didn't damage it once. if you are new ay building computers or just haven't done it in a while you should definatley READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  5. Honestly, though, how do you expect someone to learn if they think like that? The first time I put a HSF on a socket 370 CPU, I was nervous as hell about breaking it--especially since I was on the job, building a customer's order. Now, of course, I can handle it just fine; I've installed dozens of Socket370/SocketA CPUs.


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  6. The Key is to install the HSF *evenly*. And intel-loving (though he hates the P4, go figure...) friend of mine crushed an Athlon 900MHz CPU when he put the HSF on at an angle... Never rock the HSF across the CPU!! Always put it straight down, and lock it in place, and you should have no problems at all.

  7. But the problem is that people DO crush the cores. In my opinion, AMD is responsible (and should offer some "relief" to a user with a crushed core), as the core should not be that fragile.

    You can argue that a CPU is a sealed box, and that the majority of users will never open the box. But there is a hugh number of hobbyists (like us) who always tinker and take things apart (for upgrades). Those that want to tinker (and don't know how) get into trouble. It just shouldn't happen at all.

    If Intel can make a solid core, why can't AMD? If it adds another $10 to the cost, isn't it worth it? Oh well, one issue at a time. The A4 now has thermal protection (of a sort). Next issue to fix is the fragile core.

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  8. Here's how I I I I burned up my gig Athlon. While the heatsink was attached I noticed a screw holding the fan on was loose, so being joe handyman I tightened it up nice and snug.

    Well low and behold I tightened it so much that the screw went all the way through the heatplate and lifted the corner off the cpu.

    I here by Toastify that I burned up my Athlon.

    Only previous dismantling and assembling of a pc was my P133 and K6-2 300. Quite a bit different back then.

    Since then I've taken it off and on about 20 times without a hitch, although I still prefer (almost have to with the Alpha) to take my mobo out when I do so.
  9. tbird or someone answer these questions:

    why does the tbird have 4 felt pads?

    why are copper shims availible for the tbird/duron?

    why is the palomino all of a sudden going to have something that should've been there in the first place?

    is this due to ppl's stupidities or a product flaw?

    oops, I forgot one:

    why is this the general consensus, "the Athlon is a meltdown waiting to happen", lol!

    "AMD/ <i>still</i> are the weakest link, good bye!"
  10. I did build a duron 600 system which ranned fine for 1 month at my house. I shipped the system to a familiy member. It lasted about 3 minutes before it quite working. The heatsink was in place upon inspection after it failed and the fan worked. It appeared that during shipping the weight of the heat sink damage the duron chip. Maybe I chipped it when I installed it initially, I don't know. So I purchased a new duron 650 chip and now it works fine. Still I was very careful installing that HSF. I've done a number of builds and that was my first one that the cpu failed.

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  11. It may be a consensus in your own mind, but believe me you are in your own little minority of one on this forum.

    Take a look around you - got any friends? Even the pro-Intel crowd won't side with you now because they are afraid to be tarred with your moron brush.

    My advice - create a new handle and come back with a constructive attitude and try to contribute something to the forum as a whole, rather than strutting round like a spoilt 12 year old laughing at people's mis-fortune when they did break something, or putting them down when they need advice.

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  12. its pretty simple really. all you have to do is to push the heatsink to the other end away from the notch you're supposed to push in with a screwdriver and hook it on. now release it slowly and align it as you like(it won't damage the core yet since the rubber pads give it a little room). then when you think the position is right hook on the other side.
    The only near system death encounter i had was when the screwdriver slipped while i was hooking on the clip and damned near chipped the mobo. good thing i managed to stop in time and get away with a slight scratch on the board

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  13. >why does the tbird have 4 felt pads?

    to help people that are new to installing HS/F's a little help in getting in on correctly

    >why are copper shims availible for the tbird/duron?

    for people that are paraniod about accedently crushing there cores, if they know the proper way to install the HS/F they will have nothing to worry about, kinda like thermal protection.

    >why is the palomino all of a sudden going to have something that should've been there in the first place?

    because after releasing the processor AMD relized that they screwed up by not including it. this brings to mind RDRAM and the Willamette P4

    >is this due to ppl's stupidities or a product flaw?

    niether its just ignorance, that is why AMD and most HS/F manufacturer give installation instructions to help, the only problem is getting them to use it.

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  14. <i><<why does the tbird have 4 felt pads?>></i>
    To piss people off who have 4 felt pads on their heatsink.

    <i><<why are copper shims availible for the tbird/duron?>></i>
    They want your money.

    <i><<why is the palomino all of a sudden going to have something that should've been there in the first place?>></i>
    Is this the Thermal Protection? Most of us wanted it.

    <i><<is this due to ppl's stupidities or a product flaw?>></i>
    Some of both. Thermal protection in the case of product flaw in heatsink/fan unit. User stupidity for installing a heatsink without the 4 felt pads on a cpu without the 4 pads.

    <i><<why is this the general consensus, "the Athlon is a meltdown waiting to happen", lol!>></i>
    The China Syndrome? I don't think cpu's can even nuke tv dinners yet. ;)

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